DVD Round-up: Jun-Jul 2019 edition

Across June and July, there has been an enormous volume of home releases, all worthy of mention. Due to the high volume of releases, a selection has been reviewed below, while the rest are summarised here. Criterion continues in its mission of delivering high quality, boutique packages for prestige cinema. Continue Reading


Film Review: Midsommar

★★★★☆ The follow-up to his terrifying feature debut Hereditary, writer-director Ari Aster leaves demonic possession behind in favour of festival-folk-horror in Midsommar. Soaked in the endless sunshine of the Scandinavian solstice, can Aster’s sophomore effort conjure the chilling dread of his last effort?  Aster returns to the well of family trauma plumbed Continue Reading

Film Review: The Brink

★★★★★ In Alison Klayman’s new political documentary The Brink, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is accompanied around the world, from live speaking appearances to hotel meeting rooms, documenting his exploits in the year following his departure from the Trump administration. As a documentarian, Alison Klayman knows the value Continue Reading