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Day: 8 September 2019

From the big screen to slot machine

Movies, together with sports and TV, in general, are one of the most integral parts of modern culture. People are expected to have seen the most popular and iconic films of the current, but also the previous decades. You will […]

Venice 2019: Joker has last laugh with Golden Lion win

In what has to be one of the crazier award ceremonies to grace the Venice Lido on its 76th edition, Todd Phillips’ Joker took home this year’s Golden Lion in a move guaranteed to provoke a flood of hot takes, […]

Venice 2019: Saturday Fiction review

★★★★☆ Suzhou River director Lou Ye’s wartime espionage thriller Saturday Fiction starts as a mysterious murky mess and resolves itself into a bullet-riddled noir. We first meet Jean Yu (Gong Li) in Shanghai circa 1937 as she is rehearsing a […]

Toronto 2019: Blow the Man Down review

★★★★★ Bridget Savage Cole and Danielle Krudy’s debut feature is a haunting tale of buried secrets, sea shanties and fracturing communities. Set among the bleak shacks and sketchy bed and breakfasts of a Maine fishing village, Blow the Man Down […]

Toronto 2019: 143 Sahara Street review

★★★★☆ With 143 Sahara Street, documentarian Hassen Ferhani takes us to one of the most unlikely places one might expect to find a cafe: the middle of the Algerian desert. On the edge of the dusty road that cuts through the […]