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From the big screen to slot machine

Watching movies and playing games are the favourite pastimes of many people and if you marry the two together you end up with an immersive game which is made up out of addictive game-play that takes you right back to the most exciting parts of the all-time favourite movies – a clever marketing ploy that has resulted in some of the best playing top online slot sites of all time.

For some time, games developers and movie producers have joined together, collaborating sometimes on set to bring to our smaller screens superb movie-themed slots games packed with special features and original movie clips and audio to take players right back into the action.

It’s no wonder then that movie-themed slots games are some of the highest paying progressive games around, meaning that when the lovers of the classic Movie King Kong enjoy the slots game of the same name not only will they enjoy authentic clips but they are also in with the chance of winning some serious prize money.

In fact, many of the movie-themed slots games are progressive which means that a little of each wager is put into the jackpot which then grows quickly (the more people that play, the faster and bigger the jackpot becomes.) Once the jackpot is won it begins to grow again right away and players can easily see how much the jackpot is worth before they play.

Remember when Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park hit the movies? The film had a massive impact on audiences all across the world and in Microgaming’s Jurassic Park video slot you are able to relive all of those exciting moments that had us on the edge of our seats. Jam-packed full of special features players should keep a lookout for the randomly triggered T-Rex which can help them rake in some great wins.

For lovers of horror movies, Microgaming also offers the gloriously gruesome Halloween based on the famous 1978 slasher movie that was to be Jaime Lee Curtis’s debut into the movies. The slots game is particularly atmospheric creating just the right amount of anticipation with its eerie soundtrack and authentic special feature.

Whatever your favourite genre in movies there is sure to be a slots game that partners it, especially if it was a Hollywood blockbuster, so if you can’t decide whether to watch a movie or play a game, maybe you can satisfy both wants together.