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Day: 7 October 2019

Perfect films for your inner-entrepreneur

Hollywood is a place where magic is made. Millions of people all over the world clutch boxes of popcorn and other refreshments as they take their seats in front of the silver screen. There have been many fantastic films that […]

Film Review: Waiting for the Barbarians

★★★★☆ In J.M. Coetzee’s acclaimed 1980 novel, waiting for the invading barbarians to show up is akin to waiting for Godot. Colombian director Ciro Guerra’s haunting adaptation shapes the book into a desolate cavalry western. Filmed in Morocco and Italy […]

#LFF 2019: Blackbird review

★★★★☆ Set around a vast estate on the northeast American coast, in Roger Michell’s Blackbird, a family comes together over one last weekend to say their goodbyes to matriarch Lily (Susan Sarandon). Lily has a terminal illness which causes such […]