The explosion of broadband and more recently, 5G, have literally changed our lives. In fact, whether it may be shopping online at Amazon to playing blackjack at RoyalVegas casino, we can spend all out time online.

Furthermore, with faster internet speeds and high-performance portable devices, we now have the ability to pick and choose what movies we want to view literally anywhere, anytime. Hence the reason the continuing success of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. With regards to casino movies, there are many to choose from, so we have taken the time to highlight some of the best flicks to be seen whenever you fancy.

Casino is an all-time classic movie, and not just where gambling is concerned. Starring Hollywood heavyweights Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone, most of the film takes place inside a casino. De Niro plays Sam “Ace” Rothstein. A man tasked with running the Tangiers Casino. However, Nicky Santoro, played by Joe Pesci, is somewhat of a loose cannon, and his ties to the mob see Ace come under increasing pressure, and danger.

Rain Man
Rain Man, like Casino, has an all-star cast. Tom Cruise takes on the role of Charlie Babbit, a car dealer with mounting debts. While Dustin Hoffman plays Raymond, Charlie’s older brother, who happens to be autistic. Charlie finds out that his recently past father’s estate is going to the institution Raymond calls home, so, Charlie heads on down there. However, everything changes as he checks his brother out of the institution, as they make their way back to Los Angeles.

In Rounders, Matt Damon plays the lead role, starring as Mike McDermott. McDermott ends up losing to a Russian gangster played by John Malkovich, and with it, his money. McDermott comes under mounting pressure to quit gambling for good, but an old friend is fresh out of prison and has an old debt which is due to be paid. So, the pair team up, later finding out the money is owed to Teddy, the gangster McDermott lost out to in the poker game at the start of the film. Therefore, giving him the idea to try and avenge his loss and to settle his friend’s debt.

21 sees Ben Campbell, played by Jim Sturgess, in need of some quick cash to pay his MIT tuition fees. Therefore, he joins a group of students who are being taught some extracurricular math skills by Professor Micky Rosa, played by Kevin Spacey. It’s with their newfound skills that this group of students can head to Las Vegas and triumph over the casinos there. However, and as you will expect, their luck draws attention, and this leads to the stakes becoming higher than ever before.

The four movies above aren’t just fantastic if you’re a fan of casinos, gaming or gambling. They are excellent films full stop and often make it into many top movies of all time lists. All are available to stream on the most popular platforms out there right now. So now is the perfect time to get stuck into some edge of your seat casino movie action.