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Day: 28 August 2020

FrightFest 2020: There’s No Such Thing as Vampires review

★★☆☆☆ Brought together at random by a car crash in the middle of the night, twentysomething Ariel (Emma Holzer) is thrown headfirst into a nightmare as she helps a mysterious man named Joshua (Josh Plasse) escape the attentions of a malevolent supernatural being.  Logan Thomas’ There’s No Such Thing as Vampires is a movie arguably too full of references to […]

Film Review: Hope Gap

★★☆☆☆ Veteran scribe William Nicholson returns to the screen in his first feature directorial credit since 1997’s Firelight. Now on directing duties too, Nicholson explores the perils and heartbreak of middle-aged divorce with Hope Gap. Nicholson has form with writing later-life relationships, so it’s a shame that the real hope gap here is that between expectation and reality. The […]