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Month: August 2020

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Film Review: Ava

★★★★☆ Following its world premiere way back in 2017 at the Toronto Film Festival, Sadaf Foroughi’s Ava finally makes its way on to UK screens. The Iranian-Canadian director’s feature debut has already been favourably compared with the films of Asghar Farhadi, but make no mistake: Ava is a singular vision marking Foroughi as […]

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Film Review: Sputnik

★★☆☆☆ In 1983, a Russian space mission crash lands back on Earth. The only survivor of the team, cosmonaut Konstantin Veshnyakov (Pyotr Fyodorov), is detained in a secret Soviet facility. No one knows what happened up there in the cosmos, but their vessel may well have returned with an extra passenger. It’s almost […]

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Film Review: Pinocchio

★★★☆☆ Film versions of Carlo Collodi’s iconic 1883 children’s novel are almost as old as cinema itself. Disney’s 1940 version notwithstanding, the first film adaptation dates from 1911, while the fable of an artificial boy who yearns to become ‘real’ has inspired countless science fiction films and TV. Italian director Matteo Garrone is […]

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Film Review: My Rembrandt

★★★★☆ There’s much more to Oeke Hoogendijk’s My Rembrandt than initially meets the eye. Taking a close, curatorial look, not at the life, times and oeuvre of the great painter himself, but of contemporary relationships with his work, her latest documentary explores, to great effect, the motives for possession, obsession and ongoing fascination […]

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Film Review: Babyteeth

★★★☆☆ Shannon Murphy makes her feature debut with Babyteeth, a tragicomedy about a teenager facing terminal cancer. Teens dying young is a recurring theme, from Romeo + Juliet to The Fault in Our Stars. Milla (Eliza Scanlen) is one such case, a 15-year-old whose prospects look bleak but finds some solace in a relationship […]

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Film Review: Young Ahmed

★★★★☆ Going in cold, the Dardenne brothers appearing to tackle the subject of radical Islam and a vulnerable boy falling prey to its teachings might be construed as reactionary and misguided. In their skilled and compassionate hands, however, Young Ahmed is a riveting story of a boy in crisis. “A true Muslim doesn’t […]

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Film Review: Perfect 10

★★★★☆ Packed with raw, prickly emotion and featuring a terrific debut performance by Frankie Box, writer-director Eva Riley’s first feature Perfect 10 is an acutely observed and beautifully shot coming-of-age story. It is also a tender, fastidiously constructed portrait of working-class girlhood that shimmers with angst, vulnerability, and compassion. Leigh (Box) is a […]

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Film Review: Flash Gordon

★★★★☆ The superhero genre has, in recent years, dominated the global box office. Bringing the comic book to the big screen hasn’t historically been so successful or easy to produce. As old as Superman himself, Flash Gordon debuted in 1934 with readers captivated by the futuristic space landscapes filled in the pages. Adapted […]