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Day: 8 October 2021

#London Film Festival #Martyn Conterio

#LFF 2021: The Medium review

★★★★☆ From celebrated South Korean filmmaker Na Hong-Jin, The Medium is an occult shocker set in an isolated village in northern Thailand. A tropical (and therefore suitably febrile) take on the demonic possession and mockumentary/found-footage sub-genres, its creepy theatrics build to a freaky climax.  Written and produced by the acclaimed director of The Chaser, The Yellow Sea […]

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#LFF 2021: Spencer review

★★★★☆ A collision of ghosts past and future haunt the present in Pablo Larraín’s Spencer. By turns insidious and caustic, claustrophobic and free-wheeling, it is a nightmarish fairy-tale where little chance of a happily-ever-after exists. Exploring the powerlessness an exasperated Diana (Kristen Stewart) must confront when faced with Windsor tradition, expectation and hypocrisy, […]