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Film Review: After Love

★★★★★ Secrets, lies, love and sacrifices spanning a lifetime resonate across the English Channel and far beyond in writer-director Aleem Khan’s staggering debut, After Love. Blending the traditions of a British-Pakistani household with the complications, and […]

Film Review: A Quiet Place Part II

★★★☆☆ Bolder, more bombastic and action-driven, John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place Part II pushes the boundaries laid down by its nail-biting, claustrophobic forebear, building upon the solid – though deeply shaken – foundations of the 2018 surprise smash hit. […]

Interview: Aleem Khan, dir. After Love

Anchored by one of the finest lead performances of any British film in recent memory, Aleem Khan’s feature debut, After Love, sees Joanna Scanlan as a woman whose very identity is crumbling around her, after a bombshell […]

The evolving world of online entertainment

Since the home broadband revolution in the early 2000s, internet access has been expanding worldwide at an incredibly fast rate. It is estimated that 60% of the planet’s population now have access to the internet, which […]

Five films that will make you want to travel

Whether you’re an adventurer who likes to conquer the wilderness or you prefer to scale skyscrapers in big cities, there’s a destination for you. In fact, it’s likely to have been captured on the big screen. […]

Film Review: First Cow

★★★★★ Premiering at Telluride back in 2019 and now finally receiving a theatrical release courtesy of MUBI, First Cow has the honour of being among the year’s finest films three years running. No surprise, coming from […]

Film Review: Frankie

★★☆☆☆ A family assemble for a vacation in Portugal and to confront a looming loss in Ira Sachs’ gentle talkathon, Frankie. The film takes place in the Portuguese city of Sinta, a beautiful location, and a family […]

Film Review: Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In

★★★★☆ “Football, bloody hell!” Taciturn, but never a man to mince his words, only occasionally did the inscrutable exterior of Sir Alex Ferguson – one of football’s most fearsome managers – ever crack a smile. Directed […]

Film Review: Surge

★★★☆☆ Finding Ben Whishaw at his most electric and engrossing best, Surge sees an airport security official a long way past the end of his rope and on a collision course with disaster. Aneil Karia’s debut […]

Which Star Wars planet is the best to live on?

After so many months confined to our homes, a lot of us will be considering holidays or even a longer-term change of scenery. How does another galaxy far, far away sound? The Star Wars saga is […]

Film Review: The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be Quiet

★★★★★ It seems ridiculous to call a film that is only 73-minutes long an epic, but that is what The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be Quiet feels like. Though it should be made clear, by epic there’s […]

Film Review: Army of the Dead

★★★☆☆ Is there currently a more divisive director than Zack Snyder? On one side there are the legions of fans and hashtag warriors for who he is a messianic figure of unsurpassed vision. Facing them, the […]