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Vaping on the big screen

From Danny Zuko in Grease, Tyler Durden in Fight Club and Gilda, Rita Hayworth’s character from the film of the same name, the smoking of a cigarette has been used in Hollywood and beyond to depict […]

The best roulette movies of all time

Out of all gambling games portrayed in movies, roulette has to be the most popular. Roulette has been portrayed in movies of all types, from comedies and dramas to action-packed thrillers. Here are the best all-time […]

Experience Casino Royale with a live orchestra

Casino Royale is widely regarded as one of the most famous casino movies. In fact, you could even say it’s one of the most iconic casino movies of all time. It introduced us to Daniel Craig’s […]

American vs. British gangster cinema

There’s something about gangster movies that makes them incredibly appealing to a broad cinemagoing audience. Sometimes people watch them to get the adrenaline rush, on other occasions they are more interested in the story. Top-notch acting […]

Ten live-action films Brits want to see animated

With the much-anticipated, Emma Watson-starring Beauty and the Beast in cinemas this week, live-action remakes are a hot topic. After the success of The Jungle Book and The BFG in 2016, the trend is set to […]

Do films flatter Wall Street?

From what we see of Wall Street in the movies, one would expect it to be a place overrun with workaholic men and women one Starbucks queue away from a complete mental breakdown, red-faced stock traders […]

The five best lotteries in film

Millions of lottery players put in their tickets hoping that a newly-found fortune will open up the paths that they have always wanted to follow in life. Out of them, some very lucky winners get to […]

The rising cost of cinemagoing

Cinema tickets are more expensive than they’ve ever been and we all know that the snacks and drinks we buy in cinemas are notoriously overpriced. It seems like every year the cost goes up and up […]

Six of the great European film shoots

Europe has long been used as the backdrop for some of our best-loved movie classics. Thanks to its rich cultural significance, charming street squares, ornate architecture, gorgeous cuisine and lively nightlife, it’s impossible to not consider […]

A beginner’s guide to Brussels’ film festivals

People visit the Brussels area all the time, especially business people, due to its status as a political metropolis with the headquarters of the EU. You’re also not too far away from Ypres which is steeped […]

The future of Bourne

The name’s Bourne, Jason Bourne. The initials may be the same, but that’s pretty much where most comparisons to James Bond end. The Bourne character was created by Robert Ludlum, who wrote three novels around the […]

Cinema’s most epic shootouts

Action films are great. They allow you to escape reality and immerse yourself in adrenaline-fuelled drama that has you on the edge of the seat. To celebrate Ben Wheatley’s upcoming Free Fire, here are the most […]

Feature: Buster Keaton 1917-1923

“This fellow Keaton seems to be the whole show.” So says Buster on a visit to the titular playhouse in a 1921 short where the stony-faced actor-director appears simultaneously as spectator, conductor, performer and musician on […]

Summer 2016 blockbuster preview

2016 is looking like a major year in film. As has become increasingly typical, many of the big budget projects are slated for summer releases. As publicity intensifies for some of these films and the early […]