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ICA: Joanna Hogg ‘Behind the Mask’

‘Behind the Mask’ is a weekly series of introduced screenings from BAFTA and the ICA, wherein creative professionals each choose a film that they believe showcases exceptional skill in their particular craft.One of the most exciting […]

Special Feature: The films of Theo van Gogh

A middle-aged architect phones a sex-line and replies to a personal ad by Sarah, an intriguing young woman who shares his affinity for art…a conjurer performs a grotesque magic show with a dead rabbit whilst a […]

Special Feature: Husqvarna’s ‘Backyard Games’

If you’ve never heard of Husqvarna, the chances are you either don’t work in the building trade or, perhaps, you’re not yet a father. Yes, Husqvarna are to ‘big boys toys’ as Fender are to the […]

BFI BUG: Moby Special

Films come in all shapes and sizes, big, small, short and long. Film is expansive and exists in many formats and platforms both inside and outside of the cinema. There exists a plethora of films that […]

Special Feature: BBFC bans ‘The Human Centipede 2’

The BBFC has today announced its decision to reject Tom Six’s The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011) for UK distribution. The eagerly anticipated follow up to the 2009 shock-fest The Human Centipede, the BBFC ruling […]

Red Carpet: ‘Attack The Block’ UK Premiere

Last night the best and brightest of British comic talent stepped out to take in the premiere of Joe Cornish’s debut film, Attack The Block (2011). A very contemporary and very British take on the popular […]

ICA: ‘Sparrow’

A man gets dressed in his bedroom; a bird flies in; he catches it and sets it loose again, only for it to return; the room is silent; the man smiles; a flute flurries over the […]

ICA: ‘Eraserhead’

This week the ICA hosted a special screening of a genuine masterpiece of cult, avant garde cinema. Ever since its release thirty four years ago, David Lynch’s Eraserhead (1977) has remained a defining moment in the […]

Special Feature: Fantastic Factory Presents

For cult fans, this month sees the release of an exclusive four disc box set from the Fantastic Factory label, which is bound to draw a fair amount of interest and attention. ‘The Fantastic Factory presents’ […]

Special Feature: ‘Scarface’ Coming to Blu-ray

Say hello to our little friend! Yes, ladies and gentleman, CineVue is excited to reveal that Brian De Palma’s critically acclaimed underworld classic Scarface (1983) will soon be available to own on Blu-ray. Get ready to […]