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How Star Wars changed the film industry

Few movie franchises have ever been as successful as Star Wars. Over its lifespan, it has reportedly generated worldwide box office revenue of more than $10 billion.

Our 20 most anticipated films of 2022

With a number of projects delayed due to the pandemic, 2022 looks set to be another bumper year for established directors and emerging talents alike. Here are just a handful of films we’re desperate to watch (or, in some cases, rewatch) in the new year.

The best of 2021: Our films of the year

“This can’t last. This misery can’t last.” A strange epitaph to begin an end of year list, perhaps, but these words – spoken by the aptly-named Celia Johnson in Brief Encounter – neatly summarise a year that for many of us has at once seemed interminable and all too transitory.

The best docu-series on Netflix

Although Netflix is primarily viewed as a source of entertainment, you can also learn from it. The platform offers plenty of remarkable educational shows that deliver quality content. Whenever you have some free time to Netflix, why not choose something that will help you get smarter?

Cinema’s greatest card counters

Card counting was a great technique for winning big in casinos in the past. While it’s not so common today, it made several players and groups millionaires until they were caught. It’s considered cheating by casinos, although the process is so complex that we’d call it anything but.

Three events for filmmakers this weekend at Irish Film Festival London

The largest festival of Irish film outside of Ireland, Irish Film Festival London is taking place across the capital this weekend (Fri 19 – Sun 21 November). If you’re a filmmaker (aspiring or otherwise) and you can get to London this weekend these are three events not to miss.

BIFA 2021: Belfast and Boiling Point lead nominations

This year’s BIFA nominations announcement saw something of a David vs. Goliath struggle unfold, as Kenneth Branagh’s Oscar-tipped Belfast tied with Philip Barantini’s low budget, one-shot thriller Boiling Point on 11 nods a piece.

Three of the best prison escape films

A good prison escape film is not just a film that depicts a jail break or escaped inmates. The film should centrally emphasise the escape, both tonally and practically, while also considering the circumstances that necessitate the escape.

Ten motivational movies for students

Cinema is a great source of motivation and inspiration. And sometimes it is all one needs to get back on track even if college life gets pretty tough. Students have to handle so many responsibilities that […]

Four films for students on a rainy day

We have had more than enough sitting at home throughout the last year. Now is the perfect time to get vaccinated and catch up on traveling and social activities you’ve been missing out on. However, as […]

Hollywood’s biggest gamblers

Hollywood is not that far away from Las Vegas and many actors and actresses seem to enjoy casino gambling in their free time. If you wander around the best casinos on the Strip, you might very […]