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Special Feature: The Japanese gender issue

The celebration of the female director has become paramount to film festivals globally. This years, The Japan Foundation dedicated their annual touring film program to the rise of involvement for women in the film industry, entitled ‘Girls on […]

Special Feature: Studio Ghibli – the Japanese Disney?

In 2002, the Japanese animation company Studio Ghibli won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature with the seminal Spirited Away (2001). To this day, it has been the only Japanese anime to win this prestigious award. Whilst Spirited Away […]

Special Feature: Australian cinema – a broken industry?

Australia always seems to be in some kind of crisis. If the country isn’t stressing over its cultural identity, its busy ripping into its own precarious government (although it must be said that the Antipodean populace […]

Special Feature: How ‘lo’ can you go?

Is it possible to hypothesise that the introduction 3D film providing a new lease of life for the ‘dying’ industry of cinema? In some respects this certainly seems the case, especially in terms of how it’s […]

Special Feature: The agenda of the rerelease

Re-edited, re-scored and re-sold. Up to now, we have seen the cinematic rerelease not only as a tool for revealing ‘never-before-seen’ footage, but conversely cutting material originally featured within it’s theatrical release. Continuity errors have been […]

Special Feature: Dazed and Confused

‘Generation Y’, filled to the brim with jobless university graduates and unemployed professionals are currently facing a very thinly-spread job market. According to the world’s media, what seemed like a very promising generation is now on […]

Special Feature: South Korean cinema

Much like the Silk Road that twists its ancient path through vast continents and difficult terrains, South Korea’s cinematic trade has battled against harsh adversities since the division of Korea. Born amidst an ongoing political antithesis […]

Special Feature: The ‘DreamWorks disease’

Where have all the orphans gone? In the grand tradition of children’s literature (and therefore, children’s films – now more than ever, it is inconceivable that there could be one without the other), the first obstacle […]

Special Feature: Middle East meets West

There are many things that the United Arab Emirates is famous for. Recent financial meltdown aside, the UAE is home to the world’s tallest building, gargantuan man-made islands and many a finely-tuned supercar. But few have […]

Feature: The origins of British social realism

To pin-point the exact origins of British social realism is almost an impossible task, as the whole movement emerged from a combination of Italian Neorealism, French New Wave, and the British ‘Angry Young Men’ (even this […]