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Interview: Ferzan Ozpetek, ‘Loose Cannons’

From his opening shots of a bride striding through the Italian countryside before turning a gun on herself, Italo-Turkish director Ferzan Ozpetek plays with our expectations. Drama, melodrama, domestic tragedy, family comedy: Loose Cannons (2010) has it […]

Interview: Jasper Sharp, Zipangu Fest founder

This past week, CUEAFS was privileged to have journalist and East Asian film& enthusiast Jasper Sharp in house to offer a rare screening of Tetsuaki Matsue’s Annyong Kimchee (1999), complimented by his lecture on independent film […]

Interview: Meir Zarchi, ‘I Spit on Your Grave’

In a recent interview with Meir Zarchi, the horror director spoke openly throughout about the film that sealed his place in cult film history, whilst also explaining how his passion for cinema is still going strong, […]

Interview: Teddy Chan, ‘Bodyguards and Assassins’

CUEAFS founder Spencer Murphy met with legendary Hong Kong action director Teddy Chan at this year’s Terracotta Film Festival to talk about the state of Hong Kong cinema, young blood entering the industry and Mr. Chan’s latest award winning effort Bodyguards […]

Interview: Joey Leung, Terracotta Film Festival

Terracotta Film Festival organiser and owner of UK specialist label Terracotta Distribution Joey Leung kindly agreed to an interview with the founder of CUEAFS Spencer Murphy. Here’s what was shared between the frenzy of screenings and […]

Interview: Chapman To, actor ‘La Comedie Humaine’

Saturday’s interview session at the Udine Far East Film Festival welcomed actor/producer Chapman To. The star of Infernal Affairs (2002) and producer of the new Hong Kong comedy La Comedie Humaine (2010) sat down to a chat […]