Special Feature: Crystal and Fox star in Oscars trailer ‘Off the Grid’

The reputation of the American Academy Awards has taken quite a battering over the years, often mired in controversy – not least in relation to who actually presents the show. Being presenter is considered by many to be Hollywood’s poisoned chalice, the honour frequently given to comedy actors capable of thinking on their feet and covering up the inevitable acceptance speech faux pas with snappy one-liners or acidic put-downs.

Recently, the choice of big-name Hollywood actors as hosts – in particular last year’s debacle of Anne Hathaway and James Franco – has proven that thespians can often be lost for words unless they are drip-fed through an auto-cue. The sudden departure of Eddie Murphy, the original favourite to front this year’s 2012 Oscars, after event producer and director Brett Ratner resigned following some unsavoury homophobic slurs, threw the show into turmoil before the Oscar wagon had even started rolling.

Stuck without a host and with the big night looming ominously, it was time (according to a newly-released trailer promoting the 84th annual Academy Awards entitled Off the Grid) to send hot couple Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel to track down the only man who could save the night. In a mini epic worthy of a Lara Croft adventure, the duo are directed by Vinnie Jones to Mongolia, where they eventually find (after being waylaid by a heavily disguised Robin Williams) the man they are looking for.

Opening an attaché case, Fox and Duhamel reveal a gleaming statue informing their quarry that the Academy desperately needs his/her help, to which the now-revealed Oscar night stalwart Billy Crystal quips, “You only had to text”. Which leaves the producers of next years show with an interesting option – why not just text the winners the results? Now that would be original.

You can view the full Off the Grid trailer below.

Cleaver Patterson