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Film Review: God’s Creatures

★★★★★ Saela Davis and Anna Rose Holmer are a little-known writing and directing partnership based in Brooklyn, New York. But their standing is due a considerable elevation on the strength of God’s Creatures, a film that wields its simple premise with devastating impact.

How Dungeons & Dragons continues to cast its spell

This week sees the return of Dungeons & Dragons to the scene, the latest in a storied history of trying to bring the beloved pen-and-paper role-playing game to the wider world via cinema or television. It’s safe to say that the franchise has a mixed legacy in this department and fans have been understandably hesitant to get excited about this latest entry.

The future of movie marketing

Films extending their names across a variety of media is not a new phenomenon. Capitalising on the popularity of a product by diversifying related releases is simple business sense, and that’s as true now as ever. There is a newer part of this reality, however, in that modern movies are increasingly embracing the digital and mobile multimedia path.

Film Review: 1976

★★★★☆ Putting her talents behind the camera, Chilean actor-turned-director Manuela Martelli’s debut feature is a gripping study of paranoia during the early years of the Pinochet regime. As historical noir, Martelli’s film is thrilling, but as a document of the comforts of complicity and the terror of resistance, 1976 is visceral.

Film Review: Infinity Pool

★★★★☆ Having horrified audiences most recently with 2020’s Possessor, Brandon Cronenberg is about to make an even bigger arterial splash with Infinity Pool, a lysergic hymn to ritual bloodletting and spoilt Westerners who enjoy languorous holidays in other people’s misery.

Film Review: The Five Devils

★★★☆☆ Her first film as director since 2017’s heady study of adolescence, Ava, Léa Mysius’ latest is an oft-gripping magical-realist mystery drama with faint whiffs of horror. While The Five Devils doesn’t quite have the clarity of vision of her previous picture, its emotion, erotically-charged themes and puzzle-box structure leave much to recommend.

Film Review: Pearl

★★★☆☆ It’s 1918, and the elderly woman that terrorised the screaming youths of X is still a tender young thing, stuck on her parents’ farm and dreaming of a life of stardom in faraway Hollywood. How far removed from that wizened psychotic killer this cherubic vision now stands.

Film Review: Other People’s Children

★★★★☆ There is tragedy and there is comedy, but the hinterland has never really received a proper definition. Melodrama suggests histrionics and musical accompaniment milking the emotional teat. Drama is too broad. And anyone who suggests “dramedy” should be punished. It would be “dramedic”.

Oscars 2023: Our final predictions

More than twelve months after “the slap”, the 95th Academy Awards are almost upon us. The recent success of Parasite and Drive My Car appears to have opened the door for more international features to break through into the main categories, with Netflix’s All Quiet on the Western Front up for Best Picture, Best Director and seven further categories.