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Who doesn’t love a good standalone film? But have you ever watched a cult classic and secretly wished, “I want more”? You get so engrossed in a storyline, feel such a connection to the characters and just like that it’s over – with some never returning to the screen again, despite the clamouring of fans.

There are so many films out there that deserve a sequel that have yet to get one. From those that had loose ends to those that left us wanting more here are some films we hope to see a sequel to – and the betting odds of those sequels actually happening.

Inside Out


Pixar manages to make audiences fall in love with a range of different characters, from toys, to fish, to cars and then emotions. Inside Out was Pixar’s 2015 hit that follows the emotions – Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear – inside 13-year-old Riley’s head. The film gives us the comedy of clashing emotions and an insight into the thought process and situations a teenage girl experiences.

Although the film ended in a rounded way there is still so much to explore, following Riley as she grows up, or even a sequel following the emotions of a completely different family, perhaps including baby or a boy who are likely to have different ‘islands’ in their minds, formulate different memories and perhaps have different emotions controlling their actions.

There are so many combinations and variations that can be explored by Pixar using this premise that we as an audience are not quite ready to say goodbye to Inside Out. Jim Morris, Pixar’s president, claims that their run of sequels will end with Incredibles 2 which doesn’t give us much hope.

Odds of a sequel: 34/3



“Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice…” If we say it three times maybe a sequel will appear. This 1980s cult classic from Tim Burton sees Barbara and Adam Maitland coming to terms with being dead after expiring in a car accident. But after accepting their fate they are faced with the new challenge of people moving into their home. As a last resort to get this new family, the Deetzes, they call upon the dodgy bio-exorcist Beetlejuice whose methods are a little unorthodox.

The film has become a favourite for generations of people, with each new viewer demanding to find out what came of the youngest Deetz, Lydia and the Maitlands, as well as whether they ever had another run in with the notorious Beetlejuice. The rumour mill has been turning for a while, and there is even a listing on IMDB. Burton says not yet but Winona Ryder says it is happening, but as it’s been some 30 years since the original hit we could be waiting a while for a sequel to actually appear.

Odds of a sequel: 15/4



Yet another 1980s classic that includes a fantastic soundtrack and puppets by Jim Henson. This favourite of children and adults alike follows Sarah on her adventures through a labyrinth to get back her baby brother, Toby. Along the ways she makes some odd friends, Hoggle, Ludo and Sir Didymus. Antagonist Jareth is played by the legendary David Bowie, in a role that he is now adored for almost as much as his music.

It’s been over 30 years since the film landed in cinemas and with Bowie’s tragic passing in 2016, a sequel seems like a distant dream. However, that doesn’t stop fans of the original hoping for another venture into the land with Goblin City and the Labyrinth. Could it reveal a secret child of Jareth? Did he manage to take and keep a child and raise it as his own? Could it follow life in the Labyrinth for a different inhabitant? The possibilities of a reboot of this fantasy classic are endless.

Odds of a sequel: 1/1 evens



Luc Besson’s 1994 thriller Léon follows a hired hitman (Jean Reno) who finds himself in the company of the 12-year-old Mathilda (Natalie Portman) after she seeks sanctuary at his apartment after learning of the slaughter of her entire family. The end of the film sees Léon pay the ultimate price to protect this new daughter figure. However, during the film we see him impart his hitman wisdom onto Mathilda, suggesting that she may follow in her new idol’s footsteps.

Besson has written the script for the sequel and showed a keen interest in reviving the characters once more, but after a falling out with the studio that owns the rights a sequel may not be appearing on the big screen for some time.

Odds of a sequel: 1/1 evens

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