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The cinematic experience has created a cultural phenomenon of film addicts wanting to live lives that are more like their movie starring counterparts – the people that they associate with, the characters that they are passionate about.

This culture of identifying with characters from films, and also television shows, has meant that more and more people are beginning to undertake hobbies that they have fallen in love with from the movies. Wondering what these hobbies are and why people have become so infatuated with them? Read on for everything that you need to know.

This might sound like a pretty dull and expected hobby, but actually, movies have made cooking what it is today. Modern films and television shows have fed into the cultural phenomenon of social media, where every aspect of a person’s life must be perfect. One area of this perfection that is regularly incorporated into movies is food, with the main protagonists cooking up a storm in the kitchen and creating picture-perfect table spreads to go alongside the incredible cuisine they have created. Thanks to its appearance in movies, cooking – albeit it the gourmet kind – has made a huge comeback as a hobby. A lot of cooking enthusiasts take inspiration from social media, recreating dishes that they have seen showcased across platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

You can thank James Bond, and admittedly, countless other glamorous and powerful movie characters, from Ronnie and Reggie Kray to American Pie – for the world’s obsession with gambling. Thanks to its appearance in movie after movie, gambling as a hobby has become extremely enticing for many movie and television fanatics. Whether it’s using websites like https://www.unibet.eu/ to place small bets, or heading to your local casino, there’s no arguing with the fact that betting has become a powerful and popular hobby among many movie enthusiasts.

Yes, that’s right, Quidditch – as in flying around on brooms, smacking away a bludger, and trying to catch the golden snitch – is now a hobby loved by many Harry Potter fans. Of course, while the ability to actually fly doesn’t exist, fans of Quidditch have reinvented the game, turning it into a slightly different match, but still just as fast-paced and just as brutal. Quidditch as a hobby has become so big that many universities now have Quidditch varsity teams. You can even go online and learn the rules about how ‘Muggle’ Quidditch is played.

It’s a game that is somewhat like a combination of hockey and lacrosse, but with that ‘magical element’ thrown in, which is probably what makes the game so popular. A similar example is ‘Wizard Chess’, a version of the game that Harry Potter fanatics have fallen in love with since it was featured in the first film of the series.

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