If you’re the type of person that loves getting paid for watching movies, then movie-themed slot games are your way out. Although, people prefer different genres of movies, It is difficult to come across anyone who doesn’t like movies altogether.

Movie-themed online slots give you the opportunity to relieve your movies by actively participating in it and getting paid for your participation. The popularity of the movie-themed slots has increased exponentially in the last few years and many online casinos have taken advantage of the trend. Game providers now use soundtracks, improved scenes and the characters from your movies to develop a gaming sensation that only the movie itself can give.

You can find movie-themed online slots in all parts of the world whether in online casinos, land-based casinos or virtual casinos. Many of these slots are always action-packed just like the movie, you will come across, comedy, romance, thrills and almost all movie niche known to man. Experience your favourite movie-themed slots at Royal Bet Casino. Here is a list of the best movie-themed online slots.

The Dark Knight
This is a five-reel slot game from the stables of world best game providers, IGT and Microgaming. Each game made by these developers is similar to the other, only that the Microgaming version is played online while the IGT version is played at land-based casinos only. The Dark Knight features 14 paying symbols and a total of 243 winning combos. The symbols of the game include characters like Rachel Dawes and Harvey Dent, both from the movie. There are also symbols of the king, queen, ace and many more. The Batman symbol is the highest paying symbol. The game also has the free spin feature and the progressive jackpot feature.

Scarface is a movie-themed slot developed by Netent. This game is a five-reel slot with 20 pay lines. The Scarface game is based on a gangster movie. It incorporates all the beautiful scenes and cool sounds of the movie as well as all the characters of the movie. The character symbols of this game add to its thrills. Characters like Tony Montana, Elvira, Manny and Chi-Chi are the symbols with the winning combinations. This slot game features free spins, wilds, the skill stop feature and the autoplay function.

Rocky is a five-reel game developed by Playtech. It is a 25 pay line slot featuring the Rocky Balboa and several strong opponents fighting in the ring. Who will come out top? The slot has a fine blend of the movies graphics, sound and characters. You will find characters of Rocky, Adrian, Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago and Apollo Creed in the game. This game has several other low-value symbols, scatters and wilds. All these symbols activate free spins and multipliers. Enjoy the bonus credits and the knockout bonus rounds that this game has got to offer.

Which better slot game can come out from the stables of Microgaming and IGT than Bridesmaid? This game is a five-reel game with 30 pay lines. It features six beautiful characters from the movie. Match Becca, Rita and Megan to get up to 300 coins, match Annie and Helen to get up to 450 coins and find Lillian to get up to 750 coins. The bonus features of this game are more than what can be imagined. Hit three scatter cupcakes to get up to 200x your total bet. The bonus feature of this game includes the wheel bonus, the magic moments, the cupcake bonus and so on. Enjoy the wild and scatters that give you so much free spins.