Film Review: ‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’


Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (2011) details the almost overnight transformation of a small town kid from Canada into an international mega star. Around the world, thousands of young girls (or “Beliebers” as they’re commonly referred to) swoon over his appearance and scream his name at his sell out stadium shows.

Never Say Never begins with a twelve year old Justin singing on YouTube before cutting to his imminent appearance at his sellout Madison Square Garden concert four years later.

Comprised of talking head interviews, home videos and footage of Bieber’s 2010 tour, Never Say Never may not be an absolute joy to watch for everyone, but the sheer delight that the tiny popstar brings to his enormous army of devoted fan is almost certain to put a grin on the face of even the most irritated of boyfriends and family members forced into seeing it.

Episodes in which his team handout free tickets to his ticket less followers are delightful, as are the numerous and endearing home videos of Justin displaying his early musical talent (one depicts him drumming with perfect timing upon a chair at the age of two).

Regardless of your stance on the super cute mope-haired Bieber, or whether his sickly sweet music sets your teeth on edge, it’s difficult not to admire his significant achievements, which for the most part are entertaining and makes droves upon droves of young people happy.

Although Never Say Never is unlikely to drastically change anyone’s opinion towards the teenage pop sensation, it will no doubt thrill and charm the pants off anyone already infected with the high contagious “Bieber Fever”, and may just manage to thaw the icy hearts of a few “Non-Beliebers”.

Matt Migliorini