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There was a time when betting sites would only take punts related to the most popular sports like football, horse-racing and boxing. Today, betting now covers a number of niches and industries, and it seems that there’s a betting market for almost everything you could ever think of.

You want to bet on which political party will gain more seats in parliament? Or perhaps you want to bet on the outcome of the next US presidential elections? Now, with sports betting sites, all of these are possible. You can even bet on who will win big at the Academy Awards or Baftas. Now, there’s another opportunity for you to bet, one that should be exciting if you are into movies and entertainment. You can predict the outcome of certain films at the US, UK or global box office, and predict if a movie will bomb or perform beyond expectations.

The objective of box office betting is simple – the punter will have to bet on how well or poorly the movie will sell tickets at the box office. The challenge for players is to come up with an informed decision or bet, based on the written estimates or prognosis of movie critics, fans and cinema operators. Instead of simply watching movies, movie entertainment has become interactive because you get a chance to bet on the success (or failure) of the movie and earn money along the way.

Betting odds and props to learn

Betting on the performance of a movie at the box office comes in two forms. The first one that an enthusiast will encounter online is an arrangement similar to a spread wager. Here, the punter will have to wager on which range of revenue a specified movie will gross. For example, when Justice League was announced to open in November 2017, a number of betting sites published odds and betting lines regarding the potential performance of the movie. One box office betting platform indicated that a revenue of more than $176 million would get 6/5, while a performance of under $176 million would have odds of 91/100. Another type of bet that is linked to box office betting is how well the movie will perform when ranged with another movie.

In other pro-active Australian sports betting platforms, customers and bettors are given the chance to bet on props or propositions. For example, days before the release of Justice League, players were asked if a member of the Justice League will die. Or players then can bet whether Joker played by Jared Leto will appear on the movie. And with Black Panther dominating the global box office, another proposition that will surely capture the fancy of punters is whether the movie will record more than $1 billion in box office. Just like in NZ sports betting, box office betting also allow punters and players with a diverse way on how to bet on outcomes and earn prizes along the way.

How to succeed at box office betting

Betting on the box office requires careful research, commitment and attention to statistics just like betting on roulette or blackjack. One of the best things that a prospective player can do is to conduct research and read industry news and insights. There are a number of industry-leading websites and resources that can be used to become an informed bettor in box office betting. Another critical approach that can work is to see how comparable movies will perform on the opening weekend. For example, perhaps there’s a new superhero movie that will be released next week which will inform a future bet on the next Marcel or DC outing.

A popular website that can help you become successful in box office betting is Box Office Mojo. The great thing about this website is that it provides enthusiasts and sports bettors with complete industry coverage and news which can prove helpful when betting on the performance of the movies. This site list down the latest movies and how they fared in the box office and also post industry news and reviews which can prove helpful in box office betting. Entertainment websites and online tabloids can also serve as helpful resources which can also provide you guides on how to make successful bets. These websites are known to publish movie reviews and analysis, and part of the reviews are opinions of the writers regarding the potential of the movie in the box office.

If you are a keen reader and know how to validate these tips and insider information, then these can be translated into winning bets in box office betting. Once all these details and information are collected, then that’s the time that you can say that you are ready to take on box office betting. This type of betting is also available in most online casinos (like BCasino) and sports betting sites, and requires the same steps and process, only with more excitement and entertainment.

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