Jameson Cult Film Club: ‘Seven Psychopaths’ Premiere

On Tuesday night of this week, CineVue we honoured to be invited along to the UK premiere of Martin McDonagh’s new film Seven Psychopaths (2012) at The Oval, near Bethnal Green, London. The special gala event was hosted by Jameson Cult Film Club, who are celebrating Seven Psychopaths as a potential cult classic of the future. The Oval was transformed into the universe of the film, with Joshua-tree lined deserts and dog-filled warehouses, while guests enjoyed live music and sipped on themed ‘Don’t Give A Shih Tzu’ cocktails. Over 500 fans were joined by key cast and crew from the film, including Hollywood star Sam Rockwell, director and writer McDonagh and producer Graham Broadbent.

Seven Psychopaths is a surreal black comedy that centres on Marty (Colin Farrell), a struggling alcoholic screenwriter who becomes inadvertently involved in the Los Angles criminal underworld after his friends (Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken) kidnap a gangster’s (Woody Harrelson) treasured Shih Tzu. Asked whether the bizarre storyline and assortment of oddball characters featured in Seven Psychopaths had been inspired by a particular event, McDonagh answered wryly that he “just makes crazy shit up.”

McDonagh, who has already carved out a distinguished career as a playwright, discussed the differences between writing for the stage and the screen. He stated that he felt compelled to make the leap from writing to directing in part because it is much harder to retain creative control as a screenwriter than it is in theatre, continuing “in Hollywood the screenwriter is the lowest person in the room.” However, Broadbent claimed that the quality of the script was the main draw for the strong ensemble cast in the film, which included Abbie Cornish and a cameo from Tom Waits. Joining the team once again is Colin Farrell, and the project is a long-wished for collaboration between McDonagh and Rockwell.

The cast and filmmakers were joined at the event by a whole host of famous faces, including Jack Whitehall, Matthew Macfaddyn, Robert Sheehan, Jaime Winstone and Alison Goldfrapp. We also chatted to Great Expectations (2012) actor Jason Flemyng, about his upcoming role in Dexter Fletcher’s musical Sunshine on Leith, riding a gold golf-buggy around Pinewood Studios with his X-Men (2000) director Bryan Singer, and the possibility of working with director Matthew Vaughn again in a Star Wars sequel.

There was a further treat after the Seven Psychopaths screening, as McDonagh, Rockwell, and Broadbent took part in a live Q&A with Empire Magazine, before continuing the celebrations long into the night in the afterparty.

For more info on Jameson Cult Film Club, visit jamesoncultfilmclub.com. Seven Psychopaths is released in UK cinemas on Wednesday 6 December, 2012.

Holly Cooper