Why Netflix is expanding into gaming

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Netflix is one of the best-known video streaming platforms, a comprehensive portal where you can watch numerous TV shows and movies. According to recent statistics, the platform offers more than 7,000 movies and series for its subscribers, one of the largest collections on the market.

In 2021, the company surprised the industry with the announcement of expanding into the world of games. So, Netflix has already added games to the App Store and the Google Play Store. There, players can download Netflix’s mobile-friendly games. The games are suitable for both iOS and Android, and all that is needed to access them is a current Netflix subscription.

Of course, the Netflix games are in English but tailored to players from all over the world. Some games can also be played offline, which is a smart addition for those who travel a lot or have a poor internet connection. But why did Netflix decide to expand into the gaming space? Let us take a closer look.

Why is Netflix expanding into the gaming industry? The popularity of poker and gaming on mobile devices

Netflix was never what you might call a conventional company. It started as a company that shipped DVDs, but in 2007 it took advantage of emerging mobile streaming technologies.

Such technologies have helped numerous companies in the entertainment industry – especially in gaming and iGaming. Platforms like GGPoker now offer top-notch apps for mobile devices that let you play games like Omaha and poker on smartphones and tablets. This applies to almost every genre of mobile entertainment, from online casinos and games to video streaming and social media platforms.

So if you think about it, an innovative company like Netflix will continue to expand and entering the mobile gaming industry was a smart decision. Gaming is an extremely profitable industry and Netflix had the technology, personnel and platform necessary to make this leap. What is very interesting is that the company has already developed a variety of games.

What types of games has Netflix developed so far?

Starting in April 2022, the Netflix platform will offer more than 15 mobile-friendly games for its users. From card and board games like Dominoes Cafe to racing and adventure arcade titles like Stranger Things, nothing will be left out.

Some of the games, such as Asphalt Xtreme, are available in 10+ languages and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS). Of course, all games are designed for mobile devices and players can access them from Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Most Netflix games are very successful and have millions of downloads from all around the world. The games are tailored to both novice and experienced players and that is probably one of the reasons for their popularity. So, was Netflix’s expansion a wise or bad decision? And also, what does this expansion mean for the future of the platform and the company in general?

Is Netflix’s expansion into gaming a good or a bad decision? The future

The fact that the company’s expansion into gaming has been welcomed by gamers cannot be denied. Titles like Stranger Things have been popular since their initial release, almost a year ago. Also, through its games, Netflix gains even more exposure for its brand.

So, it becomes clear that the company tried something new and was very successful with it. Of course, this is not the first time Netflix has expanded. Looking ahead, we can safely say that the brand will continue to release new free game titles for both casual gamers and fanatics.

After all, there’s no reason why it should not. It has always been the goal of companies like Netflix to offer holistic entertainment, and expanding into gaming is definitely a step in that direction. You can already get your free no deposit bonus non Gamstop by playing one of your favourite games.

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