Oscars 2024: could these films snag a nomination?

As the anticipation for the summer movie season grows, alongside it, the whispers are starting about the possible contenders for the 2024 awards season, notably the Oscars. Among the contenders, several films have emerged as strong contenders despite not being released yet. Let’s check out which movies you should check out before the 2024 awards season.


Christopher Nolan is set to embark on a new creative journey with his twelfth film. Departing from his signature style, Nolan will delve into the realm of biopics as he takes on the task of writing and producing a film centred around the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer.

As we all know, the Academy adores biopics, giving another advantage to the critically acclaimed director. Known for his exceptional ability to blend originality with adaptation, Nolan’s upcoming project promises to captivate audiences with its exploration of the enigmatic scientist’s story.


Ben Affleck has established himself as a formidable director with an impressive repertoire of diverse. The actor and director is not only known for his captivating movies but also for his love of popular casino games and having fun in Las Vegas. However, his new movie, Air, doesn’t delve into the casino industry but into the story of Sonny Vaccaro (Matt Damon) as he navigates the world of marketing and seeks to strike a deal with the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan in the 1980s.

With Affleck’s crisp direction and a stellar ensemble, Air emerges as a strong contender for one of the coveted slots in the Best Picture category at the upcoming Oscars.

Dune: Part Two

The movie blockbuster Dune was highly revered and received several nominations at the Baftas.  The highly anticipated continuation of the epic sci-fi saga, Dune: Part Two, is set to arrive this fall, building upon the foundations laid by its predecessor. Director Denis Villeneuve emphasises that it is not a mere sequel but rather a second part, maintaining dramatic continuity with the characters and their journeys.

In Part Two, we witness Paul’s (Timothée Chalamet) transformation into a leader and redeemer of the Fremen people. The official synopsis teases a mythic journey as Paul unites with Chani (Zendaya) and the Fremen, seeking revenge against those who destroyed his family while grappling with a choice that could determine the fate of the universe. But will the movie secure the Oscars nomination? Only time will tell.


Warner Bros. Pictures is set to unleash the iconic Mattel doll, Barbie, onto the silver screen in an upcoming film by director Greta Gerwig. After several years of anticipation and changes in casting, Margot Robbie is now confirmed to take on the lead role, while the talented Ryan Gosling joins as Barbie’s beloved partner, Ken.

While promotional images have offered glimpses of Robbie and Gosling in character, the plot itself remains shrouded in secrecy. However, Gerwig’s recent comments at the Academy’s Governors Awards hint at the dazzling array of costumes and the toy-inspired world that awaits audiences. Will Greta’s next appearance at the Academy be to accept the best picture award?

As the 2024 Oscars draw near, the competition for nominations is heating up, with a slew of remarkable films vying for recognition. As the anticipation mounts, film enthusiasts eagerly await the Oscar nominations, eager to see which of these outstanding movies will secure their place in cinematic history.