Can Netflix’s The Gentlemen series improve upon the film?

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For many, Guy Ritchie’s 2019 offering The Gentlemen was a return to form for the British director. He went back to his gangster roots and delivered a fresh and innovative crime tale set in London. Thanks to the popularity of that picture, a spinoff series is set for release via Netflix in 2023/2024.

Judging by the popularity of the crime genre in booming markets like the online casino industry, this could be the perfect time for television production companies to create more series based on classic gangster films.

Crime genre back on top

When Ritchie was breaking into the movie scene, he brought back the crime genre with a bang with Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch in 1998 and 2000 respectively. However, in recent years, the popularity of the genre has faded.

The online casino market suggests that it could be coming back into the mainstream, though. Paddy’s online casino, for instance, has new titles like The Stash and Whacked! that are clearly inspired by the gangster movies of the 2000s. These titles are advertised on the homepage, highlighting their draw for players. With millions of people playing online casino games around the world, any genres that are popular within it are likely to be huge across the whole of the entertainment industry.

The Gentlemen series has potential to be better than the film

While The Gentlemen was considered by The Guardian as one of Ritchie’s strongest pictures in a while, it was nowhere near as good as his first two forays into the gangster genre. The upcoming series has the potential to build on the better aspects of the movie and add new elements to improve the story. The series isn’t a direct continuation of the 2019 title, but it will have many similarities.

The new offering from Miramax Television and Moonage Pictures has a completely fresh cast, with no returning names from the picture. For it to be a success, the production team needed to get the actors right, and there’s a good chance that the stars could be even better than those from the movie. Daniel Ings and Theo James play Freddy and Eddie Halstead respectively, while Kaya Scodelario will take on the role of Susie Glass. The most exciting addition is Vinnie Jones, who will be back to his best in a hard man role.

Other British gangster flicks that deserve the series treatment

According to Time Out, there are countless gangster films that could be considered among the best films ever made. Goodfellas and The Godfather both make the top three, and these could potentially be revisited as series as they have highly expansive storylines.

There are also a few British gangster flicks that would be great to see remade into television series. Sexy Beast, for example, was another great offering in 2000. Ray Winstone and Ben Kingsley both put in memorable performances, and it would be fun to see their characters again.

The Gentlemen series looks promising with its star-studded cast and excellent source material. It’s clear that the gangster and crime genres are back in the mainstream, and if this is a success it could lead to more television adaptations of classic movies.

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