Six of the great European film shoots

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Europe has long been used as the backdrop for some of our best-loved movie classics. Thanks to its rich cultural significance, charming street squares, ornate architecture, gorgeous cuisine and lively nightlife, it’s impossible to not consider Europe as the ultimate movie location.

Everything seems more exotic when you get lost in the romantic aura of the location a story is set in. Our round up of the best films shot in Europe is sure to get you inspired to book your next European adventure as soon as possible – let the wanderlust commence. Oh, and before you get set to go and make your own movie-inspired memories, be sure to get yourself covered for free or significantly cheaper health care by applying for your E111 card renewal.

The Sound of Music (Austria)
When the lovely Maria (Julie Andrews) leaves her convent in Austria to become governess for the children of a widowed Naval officer (Christopher Plummer), she learns and faces more than she bargained for. From falling in love, to running away, the film is beautifully narrated with memorable songs and inspirational characters. This family favourite is always top of the European movie list.
Copenhagen (Denmark)
After many weeks of travelling through Europe, William (Gethin Anthony) finds himself in Copenhagen, a city like no other he has experienced and also the birthplace of his father. When William meets local girl Effy (Frederikke Dahl Hansen), their adventure leads them to find the location of William’s grandfather. Along the way, Effy teaches William more than he could have ever hoped to learn on his European adventure, from love to growing up.
Chocolat (France)
Single mum Vianne Rocher (Juliette Binoche) has a habit of running away and causing a stir in sleepy towns along the way with her daughter and their confectionery store specialising in delicious and exotic chocolate. The candy treats turn out to have too great an impact on the residents of the small French town and Rocher is faced with her biggest challenge: fight or flight.

If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium (Various)
Described as a barrel of laughs by some fans, Tuesday It Must be Belgium is a rom-com attached to a travelogue as a group of Americans take a whirlwind eighteen-day bus tour of Europe with a young English tour guide (Ian McShane).
Roman Holiday (Italy)
When touring European Princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn) becomes overwhelmed with her strict schedule, she decides to take the night off while in Rome. Follow the epic love story as Ann, after falling asleep on a park bench and being found by an American reporter (Gregory Peck), gets a taste for freedom and fights to decide her fate with her young suitor.
Midnight in Paris (France)
This is as about as classic as a romantic comedy can get. A family goes to Paris for business and a young couple who are engaged fall into experiences that change the course of their lives forever. The nostalgic screenwriter (played by Owen Wilson) mysteriously ends up going back to the 1920s every day at midnight.

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