The perennial popularity of horror

For years the film industry has been releasing films for audiences that shock and scare. While horror films might be best released during the Halloween season, plenty of these films are now being released all year round.

From classic films like Psycho to recent releases like Midsommar, there has been a wide variety of horror films for film fans to experience. Horror films have quickly grown in popularity due to their dedicated fan base, online discussions about the film, and the release of new merchandise.

What types of horror films are available to watch?

From slasher films to supernatural horror, there is a selection of horror subgenres that films fans can discover. Whether you prefer gore or jumpscares, there is guaranteed to be a horror film that best suits you. While many films in this genre try to remain serious and scary, there are even some that can be more comedic. There are comedic horror films like Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead that will make you laugh rather than hide behind the sofa. There are even films like Krampus that is more of a dark fantasy comedy film that can be referred to as ‘holiday horror’.

Movie merchandise

With the growing popularity of horror films comes the increasing customer demand for movie merchandise. From toys to t-shirts, and wall art to limited edition DVD collections, there is plenty of movie merchandise available for film fans out there. There are t-shirts available in stores featuring iconic characters like Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and Ghostface. From necklaces inspired by The Shining to Carrie t-shirts, there are many types of horror movie gifts that horror film fans will love.

For fans who would love to experience more of their favourite films, then movie-inspired horror video games are a great option. If you are looking for a creepy video game to experience, then films like Silent Hill and Resident Evil are based on popular survival-horror video games released in the 1990s. Horror games are not only just available on home consoles and PC but are also available to play as mobile apps and online slot games. Players can gamble on sites like that have a range of slot games to choose from, such as Ghostbusters Triple Slime.

Originals vs. remakes

Following the popularity of many classic horror films, more and more production companies are starting to release remakes of them. There have been plenty of good and bad horror remakes over the years that audiences have either enjoyed or hated. Over the past few years alone, well-known horror films like Pet Sematary and Suspiria are remade and released in cinemas. There are even classics like Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock that was remade into the TV series Bates Motel that acts as a contemporary prequel. While there are many horror remakes being released, there are also some great original stories that are being released worldwide. Recently, Midsommar unsettled audiences with a folk horror storyline and received a mixture of reviews.

As more and more original stories and remakes are being released year after year, it is clear to see that horror is a film genre that many people enjoy. New advancements and bold screenplay choices in film-making continue to keep the genre alive and audiences intrigued. As many films continue to push the boundaries with jumpscares, storylines, and gore – what could be next in the future of horror films?