Eight essential films for film students

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, from left: Gregory Peck, Brock Peters, 1962, tokillamockingbird1962-fsct03(tokillamockingbird1962-fsct03)

Writing and cinematography have a lot in common. At the end of the day, they both have the same objective, and that is to tell a story. Essays on books have always been a staple in most educational institutes.

However, with time, teachers slowly realise the potential of films to narrate excellent stories as well. For this reason, college teachers are assigning more and more students essays about movies. But though there are numerous good movies to write papers on, picking one that is both impactful and provides adequate material for an essay at the same time might be difficult.

Although an essay about movies seems like a simple task on the surface, it is anything but. You have to analyse the entire film and pick up on things that are very subtly incorporated into it. If an essay about movies is simply not something you’re good at, you can always look for a free essay writer program to help you with your assignment.

This kind of free essay writing program from Edubirdie will give you an option to do my essay or write my essay for free. Essay writer free programs are an excellent way to maintain your grades if writing doesn’t come naturally to you. But if you want to explore movies to write an essay on, then we’ve made a list of some classic, all-time favourite movies that will give you plenty of material to write about.

A Beautiful Mind
Based on the life of the award-winning mathematician Dr. John Nash, A Beautiful Mind tells the story of love, resilience, friendship, and perseverance. The movie is thought-provoking and inspiring, and the best part is that it is based on true events. Although a little long, and the movie is worth every minute. Although the plot is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, A Beautiful Mind does not skimp out on portraying relationships and their complexities to the fullest.

Forrest Gump
A sweet and heart-touching movie that will have you grabbing tissues all throughout its length. Forrest Gump is indeed a visual masterpiece and tackles a large range of issues through the eyes of a simple-minded man. The movie is deceptively simple, and one does not realise all the subtle nuances in emotions that it evokes till the very end.

Schindler’s List
Like all great movies, Schindler’s List is careful about revealing its plot until the very end. What makes the story of Oskar Schindler so fascinating is he was not a saint. However, Oskar’s espionage activities on behalf of Germany, while regrettable to enemies of Germany, later put him in a position to save many lives. While there will always be those who question the motives of others, those who have examined Schindler’s efforts find him heroic. Oskar Schindler was a great man who saved the lives of more than 1,000 Jews during the Holocaust. The imperfections in his character and the nuances in the historical record only make his story more remarkable.

The King’s Speech
Following his rushed and unexpected ascension to the throne, King George VI must learn to overcome his debilitating stammer to become an exemplary leader. With his country on the brink of war, King George VI must work tirelessly to overcome his speech impediment and unite his people. The film depicts new insights into the history of the royal family and the unexpected challenges they faced.


Pride and Prejudice
Based on Jane Austen’s classic novel of the same name, Pride and Prejudice is a beautiful story about ego, love, feminism, and class differences. Set in the early nineteenth century, The movie follows the life of a headstrong young girl, her family, and a particular young gentleman who happens to be the current talk of the town. Both the book and the film are an excellent portrayal of real emotions, romanticism, and honesty, giving viewers much to write about.

To Kill a Mockingbird
Another classic movie that is based on a famous novel of the same name. Robert Mulligan’s depiction of Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird is one of the few films that does the book justice. A story about idealism, innocence, and the terrible racism that plagued America during the 1930s. The movie provides great insight into the deep conflict within society regarding racism during the Jim Crow era.

The Kite Runner
If you want to write about something that truly takes you out of your comfort zone, then this movie might just be it for you. Based on Khaled Hosseini’s novel, The Kite Runner carefully depicts the stark difference between pre-war, and war-torn Afghanistan. A story about sacrifice, love, war, family, and friendship. The Kite Runner is not an easy movie to watch. However, it is indeed an eye-opener.

Fight Club
The last movie on our list is an inspiring tale about overcoming mental health issues and finding new meaning in life. The movie revolves around a disillusioned main character who finds no real joy in his mundane life and joins various support groups in an attempt to overcome his own issues. That is until he meets a person who is his polar opposite and starts a fight club that eventually evolves into something much bigger than what both of them have initially envisioned. The story is about hope, survival, and perseverance and can be an excellent basis for an essay about movies.

Like books, films are an excellent way to tell stories as well. Over the years, there have been numerous thought-provoking, deep, and impactful films that leave a large impression on the audience. College teachers recognise the ability of films to provide new perspectives to the audience and are, therefore, pushing for more essays about various films. It might be quite difficult to create a breathtaking film analysis essay if you have zero experience, but experts from Custom Essay Meister will guarantee you a high-quality essay on any topic. If you’re unsure about which movie to write about for your assignment, go through our list of some of the best, classic moves that provide plenty of material to write about.