The worst film characters to meet in a casino

Casinos are great settings for movies. They hold the promise of high-stakes action, life-changing decisions, moral dilemmas, and an ever-present element of risk and danger, all in a glamorous setting with plenty of complex, flawed, and fascinating characters. It’s no wonder that Hollywood has loved to portray gamblers, cardsharps, and hustlers over the years, and some of the characters have become iconic.

In many films, it’s the losers who intrigue us most, but there are also plenty of movie characters who seem to have an unbeatable winning streak at the casino. There are also others who we may never see in a casino setting but who would undoubtedly do very well if they were to sit down at almost any table. With this in mind, here are some of the worst film characters to find yourself up against in a casino game. The ones who will either take you to the cleaners or who might turn out to be very sore losers indeed.

James Bond

He might have a different face, depending on which actor is playing him, but there’s no mistaking special agent 007. After all, he likes to introduce himself, taking special care that you get his name right. Bond loves high-stakes gambling and is bankrolled by Her Majesty’s Secret Service, so he’ll never be out of pocket.

In all his appearances, Bond is shown to be both highly skilled and extremely lucky. Whether the game is baccarat or poker, and no matter how much the odds are against him, Bond always comes out on top. Another reason you don’t want to see him at your table is that the chances of someone being shot, stabbed, or poisoned during the game seem to increase dramatically. Are you sure your partner isn’t working for SPECTRE?

Raymond Babbit

This autistic savant, played by Dustin Hoffman in the 1988 movie Rain Man, can memorize every card in a six-deck shoe in order, thanks to his mental calculator that adds up hundreds of objects in an instant. Babbit isn’t a player himself and isn’t really cheating; it’s just something he does. However, if Raymond is accompanied by his brother Charlie (Tom Cruise), you should watch out, as the younger Babbit isn’t averse to letting his big bro inadvertently help him to win big at your expense.

Jean Grey

This character from the X-Men movie franchise is probably the world’s most powerful psychic. Her telepathic ability would let her read your mind, so she could instantly tell what poker hand you were holding, while her telekinesis would let her stop the ball on her chosen number at roulette or even manipulate slot machines to hit the jackpot every time.

Grey’s powers are so great she could probably even manipulate the internet while you were using NJ online casino bonus codes to get free spins, no-deposit welcome bonuses, and other great offers on New Jersey’s top casino websites. But the worst that could happen would be for Grey to lose. You don’t want to be around when she gets angry and unleashes the Phoenix Force within her.

Lancey (The Man) Howard

Steve McQueen plays archetypal poker hustler Eric ‘The Kid’ Stoner in 1965’s The Cincinnati Kid. Ultimately even he’s no match for Lancey ‘The Man’ Howard, who remains the master of the game. Known for gutting cocky young challengers, Edward G Robinson’s character is both unlikable and unstoppable, even when The Kid has the dealer on his side. Famously, Howard beats Stoner’s full house with a queen-high straight flush: according to experts, the odds against those two hands occurring together are over 332 billion to one.

Darth Vader

Does the Dark Lord of the Star Wars series enjoy a game of cards in the evening? Who knows? However, we can be pretty confident he doesn’t like to lose and wouldn’t be above using a few Jedi mind tricks or worse to stay ahead in the game. If Lord Vader asks you for a game, you probably have no choice but to accept and lose as gracefully as possible, surrendering your bankroll for the good of the imperial coffers.

Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein

Robert De Niro’s character from the film Casino is the boss, and if he catches you cheating, you’ll be lucky to escape with just a couple of broken fingers. Admittedly we don’t see Ace playing too much in the movie, but if he sits down at your table, you know the stakes are high, and the company is dangerous. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll fold early and go home very carefully.

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