Ten motivational movies for students

Cinema is a great source of motivation and inspiration. And sometimes it is all one needs to get back on track even if college life gets pretty tough. Students have to handle so many responsibilities that it might become a little overwhelming and one needs to stop, breathe, and get a new perspective.

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The Theory of Everything

This is a beautifully made biographical film based on the life of Stephen Hawking. The focus of the plot is on the relationship of the physicist and his wife, so it is quite romantic. It also shows the extraordinary life of Hawking through Eddie Redmayne’s splendid performance.

Despite being diagnosed with an awful disease at 21, Hawking proceeded with his science career and life, having a loving marriage and three kids. It is an incredibly inspirational story and the fact that it is true makes it even better.

The Man Who Knew Infinity

It is another movie based on a true story because there is nothing more motivational than real-life achievements. It is about Srinivasa Ramanujan, a prominent Indian mathematician who was invited to make his calculation at Cambridge. There, he has to meet a lot of prerequisites and prove his ideas and theories. Yet, he is able to overcome all the challenges to become one of the most famous scholars in the world, not only in India.

The Great Debaters

The Great Debaters started from an article about the Wiley College debate team and was turned into a marvelous film directed by Denzel Washington. It is empowering and exciting to watch, especially if you love an underdog story.

It is about Melvin Tolson, the professor that helped his students to create the first black debate team. And not only were they good, but they also challenged Harvard at the championship. This is a beautiful tale about unleashing potential and going the extra mile to succeed.

Legally Blonde

A film doesn’t have to be dramatic to be inspirational. Legally Blonde is a modern classic comedy about Elle Woods, a girl that everyone considers shallow and dumb. She doesn’t care what others think – she goes to Harvard Law School and proves everyone was wrong about her.

It is a funny, colorful, and entertaining movie to watch. Despite being a lighthearted comedy, it has a powerful message about the potential and finding one’s path.

The Paper Chase

This film is based on John Jay Osborn Jr.’s novel of the same name. Yes, it is pretty old but still relevant and interesting to watch. The protagonist is James Hart, a first-year student of Harvard Law School that has to deal with lots of challenges.

It portrays the hardship of adjusting to the new system, professors’ expectations, and other issues of the first year in college. And the narration is hugely about keeping motivation up and going forward even though nothing is as expected. This one might be particularly interesting for those, who are at the beginning of their college years.

I Am Kalam

This is a story of a young boy Chotu, who was born in the slums of Delhi. Despite his life circumstances, he wants to become a respected and well-educated person. His biggest inspiration is the President – A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, so this is where the name of the movie comes from.

This is a heart-warming film that almost anyone can relate to. It illustrates the notion of why education should be accessible to every child in the world. And it also highlights how determination can shape one’s life and story. If you truly want something, there is always a way.

Freedom Writers

This is yet another fascinating true story of teacher Erin Gruwell and her amazing students. Erin came up with a new teaching approach to get to her students that were deemed as underachieving. She is passionate and focused on her work, which ultimately gives its results.

The message is simple but extremely important – life can be tough in many ways, but it is what you make of it. One needs to persevere in their goals. So the story is motivational not only for students but also for teachers as well.

Good Will Hunting

Although this is a very well-known film, the list couldn’t be complete without it. It is a classic underdog story with Will Hunting as a protagonist. He is an incredibly gifted person with an IQ level of genius, yet he works as a janitor at university.

When he solves a Math problem left on the board during the shift, he attracts the attention of the professor. Will is unaware of his genius and potential and he has a pretty troubled life. He has to go to a therapist to complete his education and that’s where he has to work on himself. It’s a well-written and empowering film. Needless to say, Robin Williams (therapists) is outstanding in it.

The Breakfast Club

It is a comedy/drama and entertaining film about one day in high-school detention. It is on a lighthearted side and shows how one can make friends in the most surprising circumstances. Five different students have to spend a day together, which leads them to open up and learn something new about themselves and others.

Lean on Me

This is a biographical drama based on the life of Joe Clark portrayed by Morgan Freeman. He is quite an unorthodox teacher with unique methods. Once he was fired from the position of principal but now he returns to the same school to start over. It is about leadership and making hard decisions for a better future.

This list features movies of different genres that have one similarity – they are incredibly touching and inspiring for students. They highlight the importance of education and its hardships, as well as the individual struggle to happiness and success.