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Although Netflix is primarily viewed as a source of entertainment, you can also learn from it. The platform offers plenty of remarkable educational shows that deliver quality content. Whenever you have some free time to Netflix, why not choose something that will help you get smarter?

You can learn more about the world, nature, culture, history, or social phenomena. Some of the shows are real gems that may even turn the way you look at the world upside down. Here is a list of the ten most engaging educational shows on Netflix that will keep you glued to the screen.

Our Planet

It’s impossible to stay indifferent when it comes to the issues of environmental conservation and advocacy. While depicting the breathtaking beauty of nature, Our Planet touches upon the detrimental impact of human activity on the environment. Its cameras follow species that inhabit the most diverse corners of the planet, drawing attention to the ecological situation.

72 Dangerous Animals

This is a fascinating show for animal lovers. It allows you to explore the diversity of wildlife in Latin America and Asia. Meanwhile, the cheapest essay writing service and professional paper writers can take care of your college assignments when you need some extra homework help. However, if learning about dangerous animals seems too anxiety-inducing, check another 72-series that presents the cutest animals and their unique habitats.

The Toys That Made Us

The history of toys isn’t something you would normally think about. Yet, The Toys That Made Us offers you to dive into the concepts, popular culture, and great ideas behind iconic toy franchises. The show encourages you to consider toys as symbols that represent certain periods in history and show major cultural changes in our society.


Explained is a documentary series that covers a wide range of topics like time, country music, astrology, eSports, the stock market, and many more. They’ll make you think about things you’ve never even considered before. But be ready: the show is addictive! Thanks to its engaging format and fresh, unexpected perspectives, you won’t even notice that you’re playing episode after episode. You might want to find a reliable paper writing service and ask, “Can you do my essay for me cheap?” Then, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the show and be sure that you’ll have all your homework done in time.

How to Become a Tyrant

It’s hard to imagine that a docuseries about dictators can be so entertaining. The show offers the playbook on how to become a successful dictator, providing a brief analysis of some of the most notorious tyrants in world history. However, even though the show has a humorous disguise, you immediately see the importance and urgency of the discussion it raises. The presented concepts and ideas help you recognize tyranny and manipulation in the modern world.

Abstract: The Art of Design

If you want to pursue a creative career, this show is a go-to choice for you. You might want to examine it carefully to get some fresh ideas for your next assignment or ask an expert from a professional paper writing service to write essays for money and enjoy the show without hassle. Abstract will help you get acquainted with the art of design. You’ll explore its processes, philosophy, and concepts and learn more about the lives of the greatest designers.

Salt Fat Acid Heat

The TCA and Cinema Eye Honors Award nominee, Salt Fat Acid Heat, is a top-rated documentary about food and cooking. Its four episodes are focused on different aspects like the importance of fat in meals, diverse flavors of salt, the use of acid in sweet and savory dishes, and heat mastery. To explore these topics, the presenter travels to Italy, Japan, Mexico, and the US, bringing in the cultural component.


Rotten is a compelling show about food. It concerns the aspects of food production alongside dangers associated with it, like waste and corruption. The show encourages you to examine your eating habits and maybe even reconsider some of your dietary choices. It calls to action and aims to raise awareness about the dangerous impact of thoughtless food production.

Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything

The show is a six-episode documentary about the striking connectedness of everything in the world. It offers some well-researched and refreshing perspectives. The presenter, journalist Latif Nasser, adds some humor and light spirit to the show, making it even more engaging. Connected was nominated for the Emmy Awards for outstanding graphic design and art direction.

Night On Earth

Another nature series on Netflix depicts the secluded life of nocturnal animals. It has stunning camera work and narration that allows you to immerse yourself in the wildlife world. The use of new night vision technology gives the show a realistic feel that older nature documentaries can’t convey because of the production quality.

Netflix has plenty of shows that can keep you entertained while offering you quality learning content. You’ll definitely find something for yourself in its diverse collection of documentaries. Starting any of the shows on the list, you risk finding yourself binge-watching an entire season. So hit the “Play” button and enjoy.

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