Film Review: Human Flow

★★★★★ Ai Weiwei might be best known for his sculptures and installations, but with Human Flow he has created a masterpiece that truly captures the humanity at the heart of the global refugee crisis. Many films try to represent big ideas, but few do it successfully. Ai Weiwei’s Human Flow Continue Reading


DVD Review: Risk

★★★★☆ It’s always instructive to compare a director’s latest film with their previous efforts, and this is certainly the case with Laura Poitras’ Risk. Her first feature since 2014’s Citizenfour, the differences between the two are in this case more telling than the similarities.While both documentaries rely on unparalleled access Continue Reading

Film Review: Tower

★★★★☆ We’re all accustomed to the standard media treatment of mass shootings and terrorist attacks. Obsessed with uncovering and explaining every last detail of the killer’s life, newscasters and journalists analyse adolescent diary entries and interview parents, grandparents, neighbours and classmates in an effort to draw out endless hours of Continue Reading

Film Review: Arrival

★★★★★ It’s a question posed by international relations scholars and armchair strategists alike: if aliens were to invade earth, would we finally learn to get along? In Arrival, Denis Villeneuve ventures an answer and proves himself a master innovator of science fiction. Amy Adams is phenomenal as renowned linguist Louise Continue Reading

DVD Review: Kes

★★★★☆ Aside from the furore surrounding Ken Loach’s latest Palme d’Or winning polemic on the inhumanities of the British welfare system, I, Daniel Blake, the re-release of his iconic 1969 drama Kes is a chance to explore a more poetic side of the prolific social realist filmmaker. Set in Barnsley Continue Reading