Udine Far East Film Festival 2010: Udine at a Glance

As the 12th Udine Far East Film Festival progresses into its eighth day, the selection of films is still impressing audiences with its quality. The broad range of countries and genres presents an invaluable opportunity to compare stereotypes and traditional storylines, as well as to observe audience turn-out and reaction, shaping the understanding of the festival and its cultural value as a whole.

An impressive selection from China and Hong Kong has been one of the highlights of the last few days, including two international premieres. Udine was graced with an appearance by directors Clement Cheng and Derek Kwok premiering their latest work, Hong Kong ‘kung-fu comedy’ Gallants (2010), whilst giving journalists and film critics alike the opportunity to get a deeper insight into the making of the film. Also from Hong Kong comes the European premiere of Seven 2 One (2009) by Danny Pang, which examines the events leading up to a ‘botched robbery’ through a series of flashbacks.
Premiering from mainland China is The Invisible Killer (2010) by director Wang Jing, an in-depth ideological exploration at modern Chinese society and the subtle influence of the internet. Based upon actual events and reflecting real trends within the ever-evolving ‘Superpower’, the film highlights the potentially damaging impact that the internet can have on people’s lives.
In yet another substantial shift in style and tone, Udine presented a special screening of The Message (2009) by Chen Kuofu and Gao Qunshu. The film tells the story of five Chinese decoders working for the Japanese during the Chinese ‘puppet government’ of the Second World War, who find themselves suspected of co-operating with the nation’s underground resistance.
The Udine Far East Film Festival continues to bring together the best in cinema from a broad range of different cultures and genres, each presenting their own codes, conventions and stereotypes. The programme for the coming days proves to be just as impressive, featuring more international film premieres and guest speakers from across the spectrum of Asian cinema
Antoniya Petkova (CUEAFS)