Special Feature: ‘Eclectic Electric All-Nighter’

The Electric Cinema – the oldest cinema in London – will be celebrating its 100th birthday this Saturday (26th February) with the ‘Eclectic Electric All-Nighter’. The venue will be screening a selection of films from the Cinema Club’s 1970s programmes, and is set to be guest curated by Peter Howden.

Screenings begin at 11pm with Michael Powell’s recently restored  psychological masterpiece Peeping Tom (1960) before being followed by Roger Corman’s The Trip (1967), Kenneth Anger’s Scorpio Rising (1964) and finishing off with THX 1138 (1971), Star Wars director George Lucas’ very first feature film.

Tickets from £22.50

For more information, email allnighter@electrichouse.com

*Release courtesy of Freud

Daniel Green