DVD Releases: ‘Psalm 21’

Psalm 1. Swedish horror fanatics rejoice, LORD. How great is Fredrick Hiller’s Asian flavoured fright fest Psalm 21 (2009)?

Psalm 2. You have granted him a modest budget but have not withheld a talented cast.
Psalm 3. You inspired him with Ringu (1998) and The Exorcist (1973)though it seems he is also keen on The Village (2004).

Psalm 4. He asked for a script laden with philosophical metaphors, and you gave it to him —
though you stiffed him on the dialogue.
Psalm 5. When the vengeful demons first appear, the special effects are effective,
alas you bestowed on him the desire to recycle the same effects throughout the film which
lessoned their impact somewhat.
Psalm 6. Surely the scene where upon the protagonist Priest (Jonas Malmsjö) weeps
whilst engaging in sexual congress with the soul of his dead mother is one to remember.
Psalm 7. I love a nice incest scene as much as the next sexually disturbed man LORD;
and Hillers attempt at sacrilege did raise an eyebrow.

Psalm 8. The themes of abuse and religion
are perfect fodder for some devilish horror.
Psalm 9. Raging atheists will appreciate the polemic,
whilst confirmed Christians with call for the film to be cast into a blazing furnace.
Psalm 10. I enjoyed it, but then I’m a sucker for anything containing crucifixes and dog collars.
Psalm 11. Having kept the company of many lapsed Catholics in my time, there is
undoubtedly a market for Hillers wicked schemes.
Psalm 12. It might not be original sin but it certainly
asks a few questions that few flicks in this genre dare pose.
Psalm 13. Psalm 21 is not exalted in the pantheon of horror LORD; but nor should it be cast down with the sodomites.

Lee Cassanell