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Day: 22 May 2012


Film Review: ‘Men in Black 3’

★★★☆☆ Those of you looking forward to the return of the Men in Black franchise this week will hopefully approach Men in Black 3 (MiB3, 2012) with a sentimental fondness for the snappy 1997 original, rather than it’s bitterly poor 2002 sequel. No matter what various other bloodthirsty […]

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DVD Review: ‘The Grey’

★★☆☆☆ American director Joe Carnahan reunites with Irish stalwart Liam Neeson – following 2010’s The A-Team – for The Grey (2011), a suspense-ridden survival tale which, as well as exploiting Neeson’s own personal history, also contains a worrying ethical stand point regarding animal welfare.A more-grizzled-than-usual Neeson plays Ottway, […]