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Day: 28 May 2012

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DVD Review: ‘Tiny Furniture’

★★★☆☆ Courtesy of award-winning American actor, writer and director Lena Dunham, Tiny Furniture (2010) is a film that will bewitch some – and infuriate many. It’s an incredibly self-indulgent, self-important piece, full of kooky, neurotic characters and social awkwardness by the bucket-load, but for […]

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DVD Review: ‘Michael’

★★★★☆ A former casting director for Michael Haneke, Markus Schleinzer’s austere debut Michael (2011) is a harrowing, yet absorbing examination of paedophilia which whilst containing numerous similarities with the great Austrian director’s detached cinematic fabric, is very much a unique and assured film of […]


DVD Review: ‘Chronicle’

★★★☆☆ Ever since The Blair Witch Project (1999) electrified a staid horror landscape, the found footage aesthetic has become a staple of modern genre filmmaking. The success of 28-year-old Josh Trank’s Chronicle (2012) may mean the trend will continue, if only because of its […]