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Month: August 2018

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Film Review: Heathers

★★★☆☆ Another week, another anniversary celebration of a firm favourite from the decade that continues to be more influential across the modern pop culture landscape than any other time period. In an era when Winona Ryder was the celebrated alternative […]

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Film Review: The Meg

★★★☆☆ Loosely based on a series of trash sci-fi horror novels, The Meg surges into as many multiplexes as it can muster this weekend hoping to offer the kind of Jaws-lite jolts that enraptured a generation back in 1977. It’s also very conspicuously […]

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Film Review: Maurice

★★★★☆ In a post-Call Me By Your Name world where the LGBT community has seen a film boom according to Vulture, cinematic representations of varying sexualities or genders are currently embraced by critics, audiences and the box office alike. Working […]

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Film Review: The Escape

★★★★☆ The Escape is an emotional exploration of a fractured marriage, but something much darker is at its core: depression and an existential crisis. Gemma Arterton is magnificent as Tara, the stay-at-home mother juggling never-ending laundry loads and repetitive breakfast […]