Year: 2010

  • The Total Film Movie Blog Awards 2011: Please nominate CineVue for ‘Best Overall Blog’

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    It’s that time of year again…The 2011 Total Film Movie Blog Awards are just around the corner, and this year the movie news giants are asking the public to nominate the sites that they think should be vying for one of the highly prestigious awards up for grabs. The CineVue team feels that the site…

    The Total Film Movie Blog Awards 2011: Please nominate CineVue for ‘Best Overall Blog’
  • Special Feature: What is your film of 2010?

    On Tuesday (21st December 2010) we’ll be presenting our rundown of the best films released over the last 12 months according to some of our top writers. In the meantime, we’d like to know which film you deem to be the ‘best of 2010’. We’ve managed to cut the short-list down to 8 films which between them…

    Special Feature: What is your film of 2010?
  • Barbican Film: ‘Kagemusha’

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    Kagemusha (1980) is an exemplary piece of film that stands out as a testament to the extraordinary career of the late great Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. As a young man Kurosawa was keenly involved with the arts and in particular painting. At the age of 26 he made his first steps into the world of…

    Barbican Film: ‘Kagemusha’
  • Theatrical Releases: ‘Catfish’

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    Catfish (2010) is unlike anything I’ve ever seen; even defining its genre proves problematic. I’d like to settle on docu-thriller, but its ever-changing tone means you don’t really know what you’re watching until the film’s conclusion. The problem with reviewing it also is, the less you know, the more you’ll enjoy it.Henry Joost and Ariel ‘Rel’ Schulman…

    Theatrical Releases: ‘Catfish’
  • Film Review: Tron: Legacy

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    ★★★★☆ “I’ve been waiting a long time for this” mutters Clu, the digital reincarnation of Jeff Bridges’ Kevin Flynn, echoing the thoughts of thousands of Tron fans worldwide. 28 years ago the original Tron was wowing 80′s audiences with its ground breaking use of visual technology. Nearly three decades on, Joseph Kosinski’s Tron: Legacy (2010) is…

    Film Review: Tron: Legacy
  • Theatrical Releases: ‘Road to Las Vegas’

    Rarely does a documentary manage to encapsulate its subject matter with the kind of beauty and non-judgemental insight as Jason Massot’s latest film, Road to Las Vegas (2010).Spanning four years, it follows the lives of African American couple Vanessa and Maurice Melton and their five children as they leave home and set off on an…

    Theatrical Releases: ‘Road to Las Vegas’
  • Interview: Ferzan Ozpetek, ‘Loose Cannons’

    From his opening shots of a bride striding through the Italian countryside before turning a gun on herself, Italo-Turkish director Ferzan Ozpetek plays with our expectations. Drama, melodrama, domestic tragedy, family comedy: Loose Cannons (2010) has it all.Set in Lecce, in the south of Italy, the Cantone clan gather for a family dinner to welcome youngest…

    Interview: Ferzan Ozpetek, ‘Loose Cannons’
  • DVD Review: ‘Sus’

    ★★★☆☆ It is election night, 3 May 1979, and police officer Karn (Ralph Brown) is confident that Margaret Thatcher will win a landslide victory. An innocent black man, Leon Delroy (Clint Dyer), is brought in for interrogation, accused of murdering his pregnant wife who died after suffering a massive haemorrhage. Karn and his thuggish sidekick,…

    DVD Review: ‘Sus’

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