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Film Review: ‘Arirang’

★★★★☆ A splendidly naked and exposed view of self-destruction is what South Korean director Ki-duk Kim offers us with his documentary Arirang (2011), turning the focus of his lens to the psychological cage of his own […]

Film Review: ‘Sing your Song’

★★★★☆ “One person can make a difference, and every person should try.” This statement made by John F. Kennedy, whose assassination in 1963 is featured in Susanne Rostock’s rousing documentary Sing Your Song (2011), is a […]

Film Review: ‘Casa de mi Padre’

★★★☆☆ American funny-man Will Ferrell stars opposite Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna and Genesis Rodriguez in perhaps the most unlikely of comedy line-ups you’ll see this year. Matt Piedmont’s Casa de mi Padre (2012) is an inherently Ferrell-style comedy full […]

Film Review: ‘A Fantastic Fear of Everything’

★★☆☆☆ A Fantastic Fear of Everything (2012) joins a growing list of disappointing Simon Pegg projects that lack the charm and wit of his early endeavours (with Edgar Wright) such as cult series Spaced and big […]

Film Review: ‘Ill Manors’

★★★★☆ Ben Drew, aka British rapper Plan B, has decided to turn his hand to direction in social realist drama come hip-hop opera Ill Manors (2012). With his debut film, Drew demonstrates great skill in weaving […]

Film Review: ‘Red Tails’

★★☆☆☆ Red Tails (2012) sees US director George Lucas return to producing duty on a film that (remarkably) isn’t a sequel, prequel or 3D retrofit conversion of one of his much-cherished earlier works. Directed by Anthony […]