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Day: 6 July 2021

Cannes 2021: Our picks of the festival

There’s never been a Cannes quite like this. Vaccine passports, saliva COVID tests, facemasks: welcome to the Croisette in the time of coronavirus. Cannes has returned, following a year long deferral. Spike Lee is once more head of the jury and some of the films are the same as were mooted for Cannes 2020, but overall there is a […]

How to turn your love of photography into a filmmaking career

For camera lovers in 2021, there are tremendous opportunities to share your photographs and even make money from them. You can start a freelancing career with a free photography portfolio that looks incredibly professional. Then, with a personalised email address and some guts, you can start contacting companies who might be interested in hiring you. As a photographer, you […]