Four films for students on a rainy day

We have had more than enough sitting at home throughout the last year. Now is the perfect time to get vaccinated and catch up on traveling and social activities you’ve been missing out on. However, as much as you’d like to avoid staying in your room  – there are certain circumstances that make it unavoidable. If the weather forces you to hang out in your student accomodation for another day – all you can do is make the best of it.

And what better thing to do on a rainy day than watch some appropriate movies? Your list of films might be running a little thin. But we guarantee there are some amazing pieces of cinematography that you still haven’t seen. And even though you might have seen some of them – there is no reason you shouldn’t watch them again. 

So instead of forcing yourself to trade your weekend for studying – do a quick google search for ‘write my essay online for cheap on EssayPro’ and let someone else take care of the routine work. And once you have cleared your workload – get comfy and prepare for a journey of your life. Here are three of the best movies for students to watch while stuck in their room on a rainy day.

Sin City

There is a genre of movies that immediately jumps to mind during a miserable rainy day. Noir films complement this sort of sorry weather perfectly. And there are very few movies out there that nail that distinct visual style and atmosphere better than Sin City. It draws heavy inspiration from the comic book and it really shows. Any frame of the movie can fit on a poster and is simply a pleasure to look at.

As high of a standard as the visual style of Sin City sets – the rest of the movie’s aspects do an amazing job of keeping up. The multiple storylines pull no punches and instantly drag you into the inky void of a city drowning in crime and corruption. Dialogues are rich with gritty one-liners you’ll be quoting for days. You won’t regret a single second spent on this movie.

Shutter Island

If you prefer slower-paced mystery to flashy action – Shutter Island would probably be the better option. It fits the profile well – dreary visuals, depressing atmosphere, detectives in fedoras. Leonardo Dicaprio gives a stellar performance in the role of a beaten detective that comes to an island to investigate the disappearance of a patient from the hospital for the insane.

This movie is a bit on the heavy side, so if you’re looking for something lighter – you should probably read on for other options. However, it’s definitely a film worth watching and the plot twists will leave you stunned.

The Last Samurai

If you are not a huge fan of noir style – there are always slower-paced movies with bittersweet endings just for you. The Last Samurai is one of the prime representatives of this caste. But if you think slow-burning means boring – you could not be more wrong. Even though the movie takes its time showcasing its characters, storyline and beautiful cinematography – it’s always on top of its game in terms of pacing.

Moreover, Tom Cruise has delivered what is widely considered one of his strongest dramatic performances. His acting helps you immerse into the story of a broken warrior that is destined to regain his purpose of living in the most unlikely circumstances. The spice of this story being loosely based on real events adds to the heaps of enjoyment you will definitely get from this film.


Finally, if you’ve already seen the previous two films too many times – you can always turn to slightly more obscure classics. Stardust is fiction to the core. Its fairy tale style and feel-good writing will definitely throw you back to better times and make you forget all about the pouring rain outside your window.

If you’ve become a bit jaded after all of the assignments and developed an opinion that fairytales are not for you – Stardust can turn your world upside down. Yes, it deals with concepts some may consider naive. But it completes it beautifully with well-written believable characters, witty humor and unexpected plot twists. The result of this mix is a great movie that can be equally as appealing to both children and adults.

Rainy weather inspires a certain melancholic mood. It is amazing that it has become possible to embrace it in a positive way through the art of filmmaking. Everyone has their own favorite picks when it comes to movies. But don’t be afraid to try something new. Films offer us countless worlds to explore. And if you keep yourself open to new experiences – you will surely find something new and exciting out there.