How to create the perfect home cinema setup

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Watching movies at home is the latest craze that shows no sign of slowing down. No matter who you speak to, most people have a Netflix, Disney+, or Amazon Prime Video subscription that they use to stream movies at their own leisure. Presumably, you’re also a movie fanatic. If so, great– as this guide is going to explain how to create the perfect movie setup at home.

No matter what budget you’re working with, here are some top tips that will help to take your at-home movie experience to an entirely new level.

Choose a TV or monitor that’s right for you

Your choice of screen is incredibly important, so you will need to think wisely. If you’re someone who likes to see every little detail and sequence, then it’s highly recommended that you invest in a large TV or monitor that’s capable of 4K streaming.

If you opt to choose a monitor, you will also be able to use it with your PC – making it perfect for watching movies and browsing the internet with ease, whether you are shopping for the latest must-haves or seeking out the best platform to play online roulette.

Use smart lighting

Rather than using a traditional lightbulb, you should install smart lighting in the room in which you watch movies. For example, if you watch movies in your bedroom, you could install a smart light in the corner of your room.

In case you don’t know, a smart light is a type of lightbulb that you can control using your smartphone. Generally, most smart lights can be changed to a variety of colours, from bright red to dark blue. This is excellent, as it means you can customise the lighting to match the mood of the film you’re watching.

Comfortable seating is essential

If you want to enjoy watching movies at home, you can’t do it whilst sitting on the floor – that would be crazy. Instead, you need nice and comfortable seating to use. Typically, most people use large bean bags or a couch that they make extra cozy out with pillows.

On top of this, you should also include a throw or blanket to keep you extra warm whilst the movie is rolling. Plus, if you’re watching a horror flick, you’ll be able to hide under the blanket with your friends whenever a scary scene comes on.

Go the classic route by using a projector

Tired of watching movies on a screen? No problem. You can go old-school by using a movie projector, instead. This way, when you turn off the lights, it will feel like you’re watching a movie in an actual theatre – which is a feeling you simply cannot beat. After all, many of us have missed the magic of watching movies in the theatre over the past couple of years, so this will be a nice way to treat yourself.

Buy a mini-fridge

When you’re watching a movie and suddenly become thirsty or hungry, it’s incredibly annoying when you have to leave the room to go to the kitchen. This is why you should be smart and install a mini-fridge in your living room or bedroom instead. Then, whenever you want an ice-cold beverage, you won’t have to pause whatever you’re watching. Talk about convenience.

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