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Films extending their names across a variety of media is not a new phenomenon. Capitalising on the popularity of a product by diversifying related releases is simple business sense, and that’s as true now as ever. There is a newer part of this reality, however, in that modern movies are increasingly embracing the digital and mobile multimedia path.

From casino games to viral video tie-ins, the necessity of this approach is only growing. So, what modern forms has this concept taken, and why is it proving increasingly necessary?

The Growing Frontier

One of the most illustrative and common examples of modern multimedia exploration from films is demonstrated by digital casinos. Online slots UK websites are a hugely successful illustration of digital growth, and films have gotten in on the action with releases like Ghostbusters and Star Trek. Released alongside their respective films, these titles leverage shared interests to build the brands of both, and today they’re more the rule than the exception.

Viral media coordination with film releases has also become popular with big releases as a way to build hype. The internet has again facilitated this idea like never before, with our current fascination with the new hottest thing and short-form media creating a perfect state. Films like M3GAN have leveraged viral advertising to great effect, raising the profile of their projects far above what could be accomplished with traditional means alone. People dressed as creepy dolls, dancing, or just standing around captures our imaginations and terror, and this was easily translated from real-life M3GAN marketing to social media.

Technological and Cultural Possibilities

A growing focus on casino slots and viral advertising for movies reflect developments in modern culture. Today, we’re more online than ever and we’re more involved with social media than ever, which affects society on both conscious and unconscious levels.

The success of online casinos, and their place as recipients of film-based slots, is often tied to the growth of online mobile use. As of a 2022 survey, roughly 70% of UK respondents note that they used mobiles as their primary means of browsing the internet. Online casinos have been placing increased emphasis on mobile access in the last few years, manifesting in games that run as well on smartphones as they do on desktops. Through this route, film multimedia targeting both phones and online casinos has been designed to take advantage of the popularity of both.

This is in combination with 69% of people in this survey reporting that mobiles were their main means of accessing social media systems. Social media often acts as the backbone for modern viral advertising, so it again makes sense that it demonstrates a perfect multimedia target. People are fascinated by creepy events and social media gives these events a more personal edge.

While these examples of online slot games and viral social media advertising are only a small part of the modern environment, they’re also a perfect encapsulation of the modern state of affairs. Film companies understand how crucial it is to broaden their visibility, where online systems and mobile access demonstrate a wide variety of new potential targets. It’s a matter of keeping up with what’s popular, exploring potential whenever possible, and in this, the job is never truly done.

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