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The most successful film franchises of all time

This week, James Cameron returns to the lush 3D world of Pandora with Avatar: The Way of Water, the long-awaited sequel to the 2009 monster hit Avatar. Both Cameron and Disney will be hoping this is the latest success in a long-running Hollywood blockbuster franchise, with audiences lining up to see future entries.

The enduring legacy of The Wizard of Oz

It was a dark time for many in 1939. The Second World War had just kicked off and no one could’ve predicted the devastation it would cause. Naturally, people sought to escape the reality around them and immerse themselves in the world of film.

New Creed III trailer features a non-legacy foe

Set to be the ninth film in the Rocky franchise and the third of the legacy series, Creed III has received an all-revealing new trailer, which includes a release date of 3 March 2023. In the trailer, we learn about how the story advances to present us with a very different Adonis Creed to the one we left in Creed II, as well as his next opponent.

Classic horror films to watch this Halloween

From jump scares to macabre costumes and eerie soundtracks, horror films are perfect for the Halloween season. This is the reason why audiences are eagerly on the lookout for good horror films when October comes around. Here, we’ll discuss some of the top retro horror films that you can watch with friends and family members this season.

Is your Netflix subscription worth it?

The streaming landscape just isn’t the same as it used to be, with Disney+, Amazon Prime, and others vying for people’s attention and wallets with their own high-quality, exclusive content. As a result, Netflix’s own value for money has come under increased scrutiny as it has shifted away from curating externally-produced films and TV to an emphasis on its own content.

Three streaming thrillers to watch before The Gray Man

Who doesn’t love a good thriller? There are a lot of action-packed movies out there, from war-time action to post-apocalyptic wastelands, these movies really do pack a punch. There is just something about intense shoot-outs and epic fight scenes that gets your heart pumping as no other genre can.

Three essential Hollywood heist movies

In the heyday of Hollywood, many movies were adaptations of books and pulp novels. The Asphalt Jungle was one of these and is largely credited with being the first major cinematic heist movie. It had all the elements we know today, including the meticulous planning of a high-stakes robbery and its execution.

Film Feels cinema season returns this summer

Curiosity is the theme of this year’s Film Feels cinema season from the BFI Film Audience Network, made possible with National Lottery funding, which will take place at independent cinemas across the UK following its launch by comedian Joe Lycett at Flatpack Festival 2022.

Sin City’s finest: The best Las Vegas movies

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world. What draws most people to the city, is the developed and world famous gambling culture that permeates the city. Some of the grandest, most luxurious casinos in the world can be found in Vegas, which makes it a safe haven for gamblers, experienced and wet behind the ears, alike.