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Three recent gambling movie classics

If you love a good gambling movie, you probably have already seen the major old classics. Many of these are cult classics by now. But did you know that there are actually also several great newer casino movies worth a watch? Check out the top three here.

The Last of Us and five other much-watch series

One of the best ways to enjoy television is when your heart is racing and adrenaline is pumping. And nothing gets this feeling going more than a fantastic suspense or mystery show. With so many shows available on many streaming platforms and cable channels, knowing what to watch to get the best intensity may be difficult.

What’s next for Netflix Games?

In 2022, Netflix promised to have fifty video games available to its subscribers by the end of the year. To its great credit, the streaming platform managed to achieve that lofty goal, despite ending a year still struggling from a massive stock crash that saw a third of its value wiped off in a single day.

2023 Oscar hopefuls from this year’s TIFF

TIFF has been a viable indicator as to which movies may be selected for Oscar nominations – or at the very least, a preview of the prospects. The last ten winners of the TIFF People’s Choice Award have all gone on to be Best Picture nominees, so Ontario Sportsbooks should be fielding many bets ahead of next year’s award show.

The best of 2022: Our films of the year

It’s hard not to draw parallels with the fatigue we’re all feeling and the current landscape of cinema, not least a ‘best of’ list that this year so strongly reflects a sense of social anxiety, alienation and division. Topping our list (just beating Martin McDonagh’s superbly gothic The Banshees of Inisherin) is Aftersun.