Film Review: Detroit

★★★★☆ An historical drama based on real-life events using a mix of documentary footage alongside fictional re-enactment, Kathryn Bigelow’s long-awaited Detroit is a no-holds-barred depiction of police brutality and racism set amid the 1967 riots.Opening with a beautiful animation based on Jacob Lawrence’s paintings of The Great Migration, overlaid with Continue Reading

Film Review: Quest

★★★★☆ Quest director Jonathan Olshefski spent nine years befriending and filming the Raineys, beginning at the dawn of the Obama presidency, and ending with the ascendancy of Trump; inauspicious bookends marking a tumultuous decade.The finished documentary is a meditative study in the everyday realities of poverty, gun crime, and racism, Continue Reading

Film Review: Step

★★★★★ Shot in Baltimore, the inspirational Step documents the true-life story of a high-school step dance team and follows the hopes and struggles of a group of young women fighting to achieve their goals and realise their dreams, amongst a backdrop of poverty.The Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women, an Continue Reading