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Day: 7 January 2015

Film Review: ‘The Last of the Unjust’

★★★★★ Claude Lanzmann is the custodian of the memory and oral tradition of the Holocaust. His life’s work has encompassed numerous films from his grand opus Shoah (1985) to Sobibór, 14 Octobre 1943, 16 Heures (2001) and Un Vivant Qui […]

Film Review: ‘Foxcatcher’

★★★★★ When Barton Fink was asked to write a wrestling picture, it struck him as the most demeaning use of his talents. He wished to commit to his political principles, and to the people. With Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher (2014), we have […]

Film Review: ‘Into the Woods’

★★★★☆ When it was announced that Disney would be making a film adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s beloved musical for Into the Woods (2014), the ears of fans pricked up. Would the House of Mouse keep true to the sinister tone […]