The Last of Us and five other much-watch series

One of the best ways to enjoy television is when your heart is racing and adrenaline is pumping. And nothing gets this feeling going more than a fantastic suspense or mystery show. With so many shows available on many streaming platforms and cable channels, knowing what to watch to get the best intensity may be difficult. Thankfully, some shows stand out from the masses and shouldn’t be passed over. Here are a few or our favourites.

The Last of Us (NOW/HBO)

Modern civilisation is dead, and the world as we know it has been left behind long ago. Based on the famous video game, The Last of Us follows Joel (Pedro Pascal) as he tries to smuggle Ellie (Bella Ramsay), a girl with more value than anything else left in the planet’s ruins, to safety. 

Thinking of the contract as nothing more than a job, Joel has to battle with his fatherly view of Ellie as he struggles to keep her and himself alive in a world filled with people and ex-people – as in the zombie kind- looking to end their lives. 

Travelling through a country has never held this much suspense as the two meet others along the way, build a relationship that strengthens through every new adventure, and try to get Ellie to safety she’s never known.

Poker Face (Peacock)

Having a poker face may help you win big while playing poker. However, when speaking to Charlie Cale, your poker face will get you nowhere. She knows when you’re lying without any uncertainty and can always tell if a story is being spun. 

Many would love this give, while many more would hate it to be used against them. For Charlie, the protagonist of Poker Face, it is a blessing and a curse as she finds herself in the middle of a mysterious murder that she can’t figure out. 

Calling out the liars and following the truth, Charlie ends up in situations where she tries to flee a life that appears to have done her dirty. With action, comedy, and mystery at every turn, she protects her gift and uses it to ensure nobody gets away with even the whitest white lie.

Lockwood and Co. (Netflix)

London may still exist, but it is plagued with ghosts and spirits that torment the population daily. Thankfully, numerous agencies exist to kick ghosts to the curb and end the haunting that they bring. 

Lockwood & Co., an agency run by two teenagers, Anthony and George, is among the selection of agencies run by stickler adults who do things conventionally. Things begin to change when they are joined by Ruby Stokes, a psychic that decides to help the boys kick ghosts into the afterlife.

However, the crazy trio soon discover that things aren’t always as easy as they seem. Fighting ghosts who don’t want to move toward the light, the three experience heart-racing encounters as they try and get paid while surviving.

Las Vegas (NBC)

Sin City is the place to be if you’re a gambler looking to claim a bonus on slot games or live it up at the tables. However, for Ed Deline and Danny McCoy, Vegas is a job, and it’s their job to keep the casinos and the big spenders safe.

Working in one of the biggest hotel and casino surveillance rooms, the two see drama unfolding and identify criminals’ plans before they’re put into action. However, plans are often set into motion before they can step in. 

When this happens, the two are left with no choice but to knuckle down and deal with it, no matter what happens next. From sneaking through service passages and hoping no criminal steps out to find them to shaking down runners on the casino floor, the two have their hands full to ensure that the house always comes out on top.

The Rig (Amazon Prime)

Working on an oil rig far out at sea is no easy task. Spending months doing physical labour means that when it’s your chance to go to shore, you’re ready and waiting for the break. However, sometimes, the break never comes.

When a fog surrounds the workers of a Scottish oil rig after their plans to go ashore fail, everybody is panicked, and nobody has any answers. Things go from bad to worse when a massive accident and explosion causes damage to the rig and puts everyone more on edge. 

The worry over the rig’s stability and the quiet suspense of the fog, however, is quickly overshadowed by the strange and inexplicable actions of the crew. Suddenly, there is more to worry about than simply being unable to see past the fog. Instead, survival is now something to be fought for rather than just accepted.

Happy Valley (BBC/Netflix)

Not every happy town in the UK is as happy as it may seem. A small village in rural Yorkshire is proof of this and is where Catherine Cawood is a police sergeant who doesn’t take any prisoners. 

Known throughout the village for her tough stance and strong personality, she is the last person you would expect to be nervous about what’s happening around her. However, when a staged kidnapping evolves into a string of things much more sinister, even she starts to feel the adrenaline kicking in. 

Trying to uncover where things are going wrong and what could be happening, Catherine soon finds out that the people she trusts most may actually be putting her in the most danger. Forgetting her rank and place in the village, she sets off on a mission to bring those doing wrong to justice and ensure that her village can live happily once more.