Film Review: ‘The Tapes’

★★★☆☆ Shot on a meagre budget of £10,000, The Tapes (2011) is the debut feature from director Lee Alliston and Scott Bates and stars Mark Miller, Alliston and Mandy Lee Berger. Following the well-trodden found footage path, this intrinsically British take is a surprisingly accomplished attempt at injecting some much Continue Reading


FrightFest 2011: ‘Rabies’ review

★★★★☆ In Latin, the word rabies translates literally as ‘madness’; something the pretty girls and boys visiting this deserted woodland could never have imagined. Aharon Keshales’ Rabies (Kalevet, 2010) violently breaks all the conventions of the slasher genre whilst simultaneously executing all the most successful scare techniques from every critically-revered horror Continue Reading